Your New Job Title: Content Curator

What Is Content Curation

Have you ever shared content from blogs, industry publications, Tweets or Facebook posts with your customer or prospects? Well congratulations, I have a new official title for you – “Content Curator.” It’s an official title and something you should take seriously because it’s an important role in generating more traffic and leads to your website. […]

Is Your Website Content Strategy Seasonal?

I often tell my customers that evergreen content is a very important part of their website content strategy.  The landscape companies I work with are always fine with this suggestion for some reason, but everybody else usually needs a bit more explanation.  What is evergreen content, and why is it such a crucial part of […]

A Lead Magnet – The Law of Attraction

When you start to get serious about online marketing, you will start hearing the phrase “lead magnet.” It is an essential tool in your web marketing arsenal. Find out more about this tool on today’s‪#‎WhatIsWednesday‬. A lead magnet is something you are willing to give your website visitors in return for their information (name, email […]

Does your site get an “A” for having an “F”?

Website Conversion: Does your site get an "A" for having an "F"?

We all know that when most people are browsing the web, they have the attention span of a two-year-old. Luckily, eye tracking software can tell us how the majority of users read a website. “The F Pattern” is the topic for today’s #whatiswednesday. When most users read on the web they scan it in an […]

Facebook Pixels? What are Those?

Facebook Pixels? What are Those?

If you’re here, I’m guessing you’ve wandered into the scary cave that is the Facebook backend. Well, congratulations for making it this far! If you are using Facebook to run ads, then the best way to get the most bang for your buck is to utilize the power of Facebook Pixels. Don’t let the term […]

Does Your SEO Campaign Have A Tail?

If you are running your own SEO campaign or have someone else doing it for you, then get ready for an important lesson that will increase your website traffic and conversion on today’s “What Is Wednesday.” A secret to Search Engine Optimization success is to make sure that you are using long-tail keywords. A long-tail keyword […]

Frankenstein’s Customer: What is a Customer Avatar?

What is a Customer Avatar?

Who is Frankenstein’s customer? What is a customer avatar? We aren’t talking about the blue giants in the movie. In fact, a customer avatar is more like something that would be made in Frankenstein’s lab than anything James Cameron would come up with. A customer avatar is a perfect customer that you have pieced together […]

Anchors Aweigh: Setting Sail with Correct Anchor Text

Anchors Aweigh: Setting Sail with Correct Anchor Text

Welcome back to another riveting edition of #whatiswednesday! This week, we are going to tackle Anchor Texts. What is that, you might ask? It’s really not so complicated. All anchor text is, is text on the page that links to another page. For example, let’s say you have a cooking blog and you are showing […]

Pay Per Click – Does It Make “Cents”

Pay Per Click

Need people to start coming to your website immediately? There is a way to do it, and it’s today’s topic for ‪#‎whatiswednesday‬. A search-engine or social media campaign will drive traffic and sales, but it can be a long time before you see any results. If you are short on patience but not on the […]