Does Your SEO Campaign Have A Tail?

If you are running your own SEO campaign or have someone else doing it for you, then get ready for an important lesson that will increase your website traffic and conversion on today’s “What Is Wednesday.” A secret to Search Engine Optimization success is to make sure that you are using long-tail keywords. A long-tail keyword is a really specific term made of 3 – 6 words that someone is searching for. For Example: “Seattle Dentist” may be a highly competitive keyword but if you shoot for “sedation dentistry West Seattle” chances are anyone looking for this specific phase will have a higher chance of coming into your clinic because they live in west Seattle and really want to get put out when you do the work.


People do a lot of research online before making a buying decision. The more they research, the more specific their searches will become. It will benefit your business if your website shows up in these final searches, when the user is about to spend their money. Let’s walk through another example. Google the word “Digital Camera.” This is such a generic keyword that the people searching it are just trying to find out some specifics on a perfect camera. However, once they have decided on a brand and model they will probably do a search for something like “Canon PowerShot A200 2MP Digital Camera.” This long-tail search is where the money is. A potential customer searching something this specific is nearing the end of their research phase and is about to make a buying decision. If your site shows up for this search, there is a good chance they will purchase from you.

The other benefit of long-tail keywords is that less of your competition is going after them, so you will have a better chance to rank. Sure, they do have lower search volumes that produce lower traffic but you will be getting the website visitors that are so much closer to making a buying decision. Get creative, use keyword search tools to find these pockets of motivated consumers and start increasing your web traffic with highly qualified visitors.