Pay Per Click – Does It Make “Cents”

Need people to start coming to your website immediately? There is a way to do it, and it’s today’s topic for ‪#‎whatiswednesday‬. A search-engine or social media campaign will drive traffic and sales, but it can be a long time before you see any results. If you are short on patience but not on the budget, then you can drive traffic to you immediately with Pay Per Click. PPC is an online marketing strategy that allows advertisers to pay a fee each time an ad or link is clicked vs. earning those visits organically.

How to Recognize Google Ads

Open up Google, type in “red tennis shoes.” At the top and to the right of the page you will see results with a small yellow “Ad” notification. These are advertisers have an agreement with Google that each time their link is clicked, they are willing to fork over some moola. I’ve had clients whose cost per click reached $30.00! That’s right, every single time their link was clicked.

Google charged them $30.00. Costly, but they had a good product and a site that made purchasing that product easy, so enough of those clicks turned into purchases to make the cost of that click worth it.

Beauty of Pay Per Click

The cool part about PPC is that if you have enough budget, you can be listed on Google today. The not-so-cool part is that it can be really expensive and if you don’t have a good landing page set up or the campaign is not executed by someone with experience, then those visits won’t translate to sales. If that’s the case, then every click is just more money out of your pocket.
Pay Per Click

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