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Meet Karin, Youtube Coach for Realtors


Sales Conversion rate


Profit in 10 days 

Karin teaches real estate agents how to gain more listings and sell more homes utilizing YouTube. Sales were rolling in for her $997 YouTube For Agents course, and she knew it was time to scale. Lindsey introduced her to The Challenge Method and the rest is history. The BAM Agency has helped Karin execute multiple 6-figure launches over the past 2 years. Her most recent launch netted her an 8.14 Return On Investment.

Meet Nicole, Wedding Business Coach


new leads at $4.37 each 


sales in 10 days

Nicole has multiple one-on-one clients and came to The BAM Agency ready to scale. She created a course for wedding professionals that would pack in value while freeing her time and generating income. Our expert team helped her craft her messaging, price point and pitch. With a lead generation Facebook ad campaign of $1,000 and a webinar-style launch, she closed $7,970 in sales for her course in just 10 days, netting her a
7.97 Return On Investment from advertising.

Meet Caesar, Discipleship Coach


average cost per lead


in coaching clients in 7 days 

The BAM Agency has helped Caesar sell his courses, membership program and group coaching programs through a variety of online launch and funnel strategies. Our team supports Caesar on a recurring monthly basis and most recently executed a Facebook/Instagram lead generation campaign and ran the behind-the-scenes automations and support for his most recent challenge. He closed 30 new coaching clients with a 7.2 Return On Investment.

What Entrepreneurs Are Saying About Lindsey Anderson:

Lindsey is incredibly knowledgeable and is able to combine her knowledge with sound teaching techniques that both lead you to your goals & keep you on track with just the right amount of tough love. There is no one I would rather work with!!

I have been a student of many internet marketing “gurus” over the years and I can say without hesitation that Lindsey Anderson is one of the best.

I highly recommend any entrepreneurs who are looking for help with launching, scaling, or understanding online business to flock to Lindsey right away!

Donnalynn Riley

Donnalynn Riley Coaching

Dr. Christopher Vogelmann

Funumental Business Shift

Nicolette Moore

Q Legacy

Lindsey is the real deal. If you’ve been struggling with not just creating a course or coaching program but getting it going, Lindsey will steer you in the right direction.


[Lindsey’s] skills in the entire lauching process gave me a total launch makeover. It motivated me to be confident and promote my services.

Lindsey and her team walked me through all the steps of doing my first Challenge that happened last week… WOW! Not only did I have close to 700 people join me for the challenge… But I delivered the most value to my tribe ever! And… I signed up $25k+ in new coaching clients in a week.

Zara Altair

Zara Altair Writes

Tiffany Boyd

Revealing Purpose

Caesar Kalinowski

Everyday Disciple

I spent a week learning from Lindsey in her Follow My Launch challenge. I learned more in that week than from other programs I paid thousands for! I signed up for her Launch Circle and am stoked to continue learning. And as an Energy professional, I can tell you she has great energy and is an authentic soul! 


Y’all, how much do I love Lindsey and Emily? I just had my first six figure launch! Goal was 100 sales and I came in at 124. Just do what they say. Seriously.

Jen Fedorowicz

I Am Jenergy

Karin Carr

YouTube For Agents