30 Best Business Podcasts You Should Listen To in 2024

30 Best Business Podcasts You Should Listen To in 2024

30 best business podcasts you should listen to in 2024. When it comes to content marketing, podcasts are an excellent resource for small business owners. There are approximately 40 million people who are tuning in to podcasts for inspiration, motivation, entertainment, and education every week. This broadcast medium has dramatically evolved since it first came […]

50 Ways to Create Creative Content That People Read and Share

Creative Content Writing Tips for Beginners

The first C in the CLICK Technique acronym stands for curiosity. The best way to create curiosity for your product or service is with content. Creative content is where most folks in online marketing struggle, so I’ve decided to create a monster list of creative content writing tips for beginners to help you get some […]

Why Businesses Need SEO

In today’s episode, I was interviewed by Kris Reid. We are talking about everyone’s favorite subject, search engine optimization and why businesses need SEO. I host the Traffic and Leads podcast. Kris is the founder of Ardor SEO. He knows everything about content marketing, content writing, keyword research, web analysis, web design, image linking and […]

5 Pillars of a Successful Online Business

Successful Online Business

Hi,everyone! I’m so excited to have a chance to talk to you about myappearance on John Lagoudakis’ podcast! John’s a top 100 Clickbank Affiliate and one of Australia’s most trusted marketer on the internet. He started his very first online business in 2007 and throughout the years he has built several Internet-based successful online businesses […]

Web Strategies: Sailing To Success Podcast

Web Strategies Sailing To Success Podcast

Hey everyone!  The Sailing to Success podcast recently invited me to speak on their show, and of course, I was only too happy to oblige. Their podcast is all about helping emerging entrepreneurs grow their business, which as you know, just happens to be my passion and number one expertise. Let’s just say it was a […]

Web Traffic and Landing Pages Creation

Web Traffic and Landing Pages Creation

Web traffic and landing pages creation. I was very happy to have a chat with the eternally upbeat and friendly Yann Ilunga on his popular podcast, the 360 Entrepreneur. One thing I love about traffic and leads and online marketing, is there is always something interesting to talk about, or a new development to share with […]

How to Get Clicks? Join Up Dots Podcast

How to Get Clicks

How to Get Clicks? I was recently a guest on the Join Up Dots podcast to share some of the nuts and bolts secrets I use to turn businesses into thriving and successful super powers. They wanted to know how I got started on the entrepreneurial path and had me talking about my first forays […]

Essential Tools That Will Improve Conversion Rate

Essential Tools That Will Improve Conversion Rate

How to Improve Conversion Rate? If you’ve ever wondered how to improve conversion rate, you might want to tune into the Nancy Gaines Show. Let me tell you, Nancy didn’t waste any time, and we got down to business really quickly! I love the topics she wanted to discuss, and I feel that the interview was […]

Exposing the Top Three Ways to Generate Traffic and Leads

Ways to Generate Traffic

Not too long ago, I visited Patience over at the Online Success Journey podcast. Patience was a delight to chat with, and I was more than happy to discuss some of the jobs I’ve had before I threw myself into what I do now, which as you all know, is Web Impact and running the […]