Exposing the Top Three Ways to Generate Traffic and Leads

Not too long ago, I visited Patience over at the Online Success Journey podcast. Patience was a delight to chat with, and I was more than happy to discuss some of the jobs I’ve had before I threw myself into what I do now, which as you all know, is Web Impact and running the Traffic and Leads Podcast.

When it comes to the hard-hitting questions, Patience really nailed them all. She asked me to reveal a super-secret, secret, and I actually did! But she also asked what sort of setbacks I experienced when I first began working for myself. Let me just tell you, going into business for yourself is a lot more challenging than you’d think! After making a few mistakes along the way, I can happily say that the business is in that sweet spot where everything works terrifically for everyone involved.

She also asked my two or three top ways of generating traffic, to which I was happy to talk about. I should also note that to generate leads, you have to ensure there is enough traffic going to your site. So, I explained that before social media, we would rely on SEO (search engine optimization) and pay-per-click campaigns.

As I discussed with Patience, SEO based campaigns required business owners to be patient, as it would take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to get the sort of traffic they were hoping for. Pay-Per-Click ads, of course, were a little more conducive to getting traffic because you’re paying to have your ads seen. Of all these things, I go into detail which social media platform is my absolute favorite for advertising and why it trumps all others.

If you’re interested in learning what I feel contributed to my success and discovering what other tips and bits of advice I chat about with Patience, check out that episode of the Online Success Journey podcast.

Ways to Generate Traffic