How to Get Clicks? Join Up Dots Podcast

How to Get Clicks? I was recently a guest on the Join Up Dots podcast to share some of the nuts and bolts secrets I use to turn businesses into thriving and successful super powers.

They wanted to know how I got started on the entrepreneurial path and had me talking about my first forays into the business world as a young girl, and the inceptions of my thriving web developing company Traffic and .

It was really interesting to discuss features of the entrepreneur mindset, and some of the stuff that goes on behind the scenes.

We talked about building on failures and learning to see them as opportunities for learning and growth, the joys of taking the reigns of your life and running your own business, and the importance of giving your partner breathing space so they can enjoy your success too.

As some of you probably know, one of the best moments in the life-course of your business is that aha moment when you absolutely realize exactly what your customer’s need and how you are going to give it to them.

For me, as you can well imagine, this revolves directly around the concepts of traffic and leads, how to get clicks and how to generate them efficiently and successfully.

Of course, I got to speak on the success of my own show, the Traffic and Leads Podcast and my hopes and intentions for it.

Check out the episode here! and enjoy the show!

How to Get Clicks