Running an Online Business: How to successfully Create, Grow and Run an Online Business

Lindsey appeared as a guest on Action Zone Entrepreneurial Radio where she shared some important tips about running an online business. So let’s tune in and listen to this interview.

Hey everyone! Not so long ago I had an incredible interview with Greg LeVine, the host of Action Zone Entrepreneurial Radio Show podcast.  The show was all about my inspiring and success stories that created the One-Click Lindsey. There are lots of information on how to grow, create and run a business that brings you financial success and career satisfaction. In this interview, I get to share my entrepreneurial journey. I have always been an entrepreneur, with this burning need of not waking up to work for someone else and just do it on my own. I started the baby sister club when I needed some babysitting, and when I went to college I got to do online marketing and website development just so I can try out all the ideas I had without having to spend a lot of money.

Running An Online Business: How I Get Started?

I get to share how at the beginning of my business I acquired clients. After college, I had this well-paid government job, at a nuclear waste management company, but it was extremely tiresome. Then I figured out that going on my own was the best way to go. My first major website was with a major jeweler in town that I approached and turned out to be absolutely relevant in creating my resume. It was a ton of work but I got to use it to acquire new clients. I got clients by word of mouth and it got me famous, for I ended up doing the city website. How did they trust me? The services should be outstanding and they will pay out for themselves. You will not be paid much at the beginning of your business, but it’s good for experience for you need people to be your testimonials. It’s also a key secret of running an online business.

Running An Online Business: Setting Up Goals

Dropping from work and driving alone was scary, so how did I start it alone, get awesome developers and cool stuff? I share a painful time of my journey, of like 7 years where the business was not working and taxes were piling up. It took years to figure out the whole business. I talk of how I handled the time I had 7 years of back taxes. In 2008, everything was crushing and everyone was going under. So how did I still manage the payrolls and come out on the other side? The number one thing that I did, and people still do is like hide from the problems and live one day at a time. Set specific goals where you get to meet all your sales and income goals.Face the reality and do it logically, attacking the facts and strategizing on exactly what you are supposed to do.

There are sometimes stress and pressures that can make you stagnant. I thus made deals, brought in ideas that would bring cash flow and get everything paid off and thus not stagnant. Greg makes jokes on what I did after the whole painful situation came to an end. He was tactical in making the show interesting and I absolutely like this about him. Cutting down cost, the stress will be less, and as months go by, you will think more logically about the business and create big goals in the process. Out of debt, how did I change the focus?

Running An Online Business: WebImpakt to Traffic and Leads

I talk of my big clients and website that I have heard. When I started out, I started my company with the name WebImpakt and I had to make myself known to the customers. However, I stopped to compete with other developers our work and delivered what the customers really wanted which was getting traffic and leads. How I got to rebrand my company to Traffic and Leads and how the huge transformation affected my company. Specializing in an area brought the big check and I got to provide a lifestyle for my staff. Advice, niche out and figure out your specialty and your business will go up.

The big moment, what did I do? The hustle of creating an audience. My breakthrough came once I went to a business conference with this business coach that opened up my views and shifted my focus. Online marketing changes every day and you have to be up to date with it. Therefore, fall in love your work and make the magic happen, which will not happen overnight. I finish off by talking about the current situation in my company and how I get to ensure the company is staying healthy. It is a mind-blowing interview that I guarantee will be worth your time.

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