Essential Tools That Will Improve Conversion Rate

How to Improve Conversion Rate?

If you’ve ever wondered how to improve conversion rate, you might want to tune into the Nancy Gaines Show. Let me tell you, Nancy didn’t waste any time, and we got down to business really quickly! I love the topics she wanted to discuss, and I feel that the interview was really something great.

The first thing we talked about was a recap of my interview at the recent Podcast Summit. I talked about of all the ins and outs that go hand in hand with generating traffic and leads to your website. What people don’t seem to understand about it all is that you don’t really need an SEO expert or intricate plans or marketing campaigns to drive traffic. All you’ve got to do is a little keyword research and choose the keywords that aren’t used that often.

Use Power of Tools to Improve Conversion Rate

If you’re anything like Nancy, you might be wondering how exactly you choose the right keywords for your articles. I really go into detail about how you choose those keywords and what tools you should be using to get the keywords and how to make sure you are utilizing them in your blog posts and articles.

Now, don’t get me wrong, SEO companies are incredibly useful, but for those who don’t have the money or who are just starting off, those tools are going to be crucial for getting your name out there.

Amanda then goes on to as how to make a website for those who run on a tight budget. That is an excellent question, and I’m so glad she asked about it. For example, my favorite web platform is WordPress, and I go into detail as to why I favor it, how awesome it is, and why more people should be using it, especially if they are trying to get their business going.

Of all the interviews I’ve done, I really feel that my chat with Nancy Gaines will provide a lot of information to anyone who wants to start a business or blog and generate traffic!

Improve Conversion Rate