Why Businesses Need SEO

Importance of SEO for Businesses

In today’s episode, I was interviewed by Kris Reid. We are talking about everyone’s favorite subject, search engine optimization and why businesses need SEO. I host the Traffic and Leads podcast. Kris is the founder of Ardor SEO. He knows everything about content marketing, content writing, keyword research, web analysis, web design, image linking and the list goes on. The show is insightful as amazing facets of SEO are uncovered.

Kris starts by sharing with me his background. He tried to make some money online and saw that he was good at it. Kris started by building links and went with it over the past six years. He adds that he also does homepage SEOs.

Why Businesses Need SEO

Why Businesses Need SEO and Link Building

The value that link-building has on your website is immense. To illustrate: Let’s say you’re an author and you are writing a book. The more people reference your book in their writing endeavors, the more authority and outreach it gains. The same applies to websites. There are different ways that you can build links. One can make their own through social media, for example, comment post links and also through link exchanges.

Why Businesses Need SEO and the Value of Backlinking

The best strategy in SEO is to start with On Page SEO, make sure it is perfect and then move to the backlinks. But prior to any backlinking, performing keyword research is vital. Navigate to your website. Know what the website was built to do. As a businessman, you should know which parts are valuable in your website; especially those that can build traffic.

Google AdWords

People might mistake that Google makes money from search engine optimization. However, they don’t. They make money from Google AdWords. They have to provide a platform from where you can do keyword research. So, you can see why businesses need SEO.

Content is everything to an extent. Without good content, you cannot get to achieve good people. This is why businesses need SEO to enhance their content.

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