Top 50 Trustworthy Digital Marketing Experts You Should Follow

Top 50 Trustworthy Digital Marketing Experts You Should Follow

Top 50 Trustworthy Digital Marketing Experts You Should Follow. Before I share with you the list of top 50 Digital Marketing Experts, we have to discuss a few things first. So let’s dive in.

When it comes to digital marketing, the name of the game is “Change, Change, and More Change! The online world is a fast-changing, never-slowing-down beast that can get away from you if you’re not on top of things. Just in the past few weeks, SEO and social media platforms like Twitter have introduced a new polls feature that allows users to set up mini polls within the app, Facebook unveiled a new slide show ad format, and the “Bleacher Report” and Instagram introduced Boomerang. Because of all these moving parts, a digital marketer’s job can include everything from copywriting, podcast, and video creation to traditional marketing strategy and planning, graphic design and analytics, big data science, etc.

In digital marketing, your knowledge of the market is everything. In order to keep up with the technical digital market, you always need to be one step ahead of the next guy. The best way to do that is to learn from the mistakes and triumphs of others. Unfortunately, the Internet can be a hub of chaos making it hard to sift through the right information and identify who to trust. Luckily for you, we’ve taken the grunt work out of it.

Top 50 Trustworthy Digital Marketing Experts:

We have searched the dark corners of the Internet to bring you the Top 50 Digital Marketing Experts who can help you transform your strategy in 2024.


Rand Fishkin - Digital Marketing Expert 1 THE WIZARD OF Moz” Founder and former CEO of MOZ

Website | Twitter

Rand Fishkin is a leading expert in SEO, entrepreneur, renowned advisor, evangelist, content writer, and product designer at Moz. His “whiteboard Friday” episodes have a ton of golden nuggets for you to apply.


Book: Inbound marketing and SEO: INSIGHTS FROM THE MOZ BLOG

Facts: Commutes using a scooter and has never owned a car. He is also a university dropout.


Tim Ash - Digital Marketing Expert 2 President and CEO of SiteTuners

 Website | Twitter

Founder and chairperson of the event, Conversion Conference, and speaker at Search Marketing Expo (SMX) and PubCon. Tim Ash is one of the early pioneers in the discipline of website conversion rate optimization.

Article: 5 Trust Factors to Increase Conversions on Your Website

Book: Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions


  • He fancies salsa dancing, downhill skiing, and creating fine-art photography
  • A certified Tai Chi Chuan martial arts instructor

Earned his Master’s degree in Computer Science and Ph.D. in Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence at the same time.


MARI SMITH - Digital Marketing Expert 3 Queen of Facebook” Facebook top Marketing Expert @MariSmith

Website | Twitter

Mari Smith is regarded as one of the top authority figures in social media marketing (Facebook). Mari was ranked the 4th out of 100 top social media influencers by Forbes.

Facts: She is a Scottish- Canadian, raised in a rural Quaker community in BC Canada, then lived in Scotland for two decades.


Article: Smiths 8 Facebook engagement stats every marketer needs to know


One-Click Lindsey The Digital Marketing Expert Digital Marketing Expert | Founder of Traffic and Leads

Website | Twitter

Lindsey Anderson, better known as One-Click Lindsey, is one of the top digital marketing experts on the scene! With her amazing invention, The CLICK Technique, Lindsey can guarantee results for those who’ve found themselves with their website sitting dead in the water, gaining no new leads and no traffic.




JAY BAER - Digital Marketing Expert 5 President Convince and Convert

Website | Twitter

Jay Baer is one of the top-rated Digital Marketing Experts. Summarizing his success and experience would be doing Jay an injustice. He is a legendary speaker, New York Times best-selling author, and a digital marketing success story.

BookYoutility: Why Smart Marketing Is about Help Not Hype

Book and Keynote PresentationHug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers


NEIL PATEL - Digital Marketing Expert 6 Founder of Crazy Egg, Quick Sprout, and KISSMetrics

Crazy Egg | Quick Sprout | Kiss Metrics | Twitter

Neil Patel is one of the top Digital Marketing Experts. Neil Patel has mastered how to tactfully explain how things tick in Internet marketing and is among the top 5 in the online marketing realm. Web analytics, marketing, and conversion expert and entrepreneur, Patel is also a regular contributor to publications such as Inc., Fast Company, Forbes,, and TechCrunch.

Fact: He easily spends 100k per month on Youtube in his campaigns.


JOHN LEE - Digital Marketing Expert 7 Managing Partner at ClixMarketing “Genuine Fanatic for All Things Digital”

Website | Twitter

John Lee is a well-known Digital Marketing Expert. Manager at PPC for Hanapin and Wordstream. An active blogger, writer of SEW, ClickZ, and PPC Hero. Speaker at SMX, SES, and HeroConf.



ELIZABETH MARSTEN - Digital Marketing Expert 8 Director of PPC at Commerce Hub

Website | Twitter

When It comes to making a list of top Digital Marketing Experts. Elizabeth Marsten should be one of them. She is a PPC speaker at SMX, MozCon and PPC Hero. A ClickZ columnist as well as a and Dummies Book author. The author of “PPC Fundamentals and Google shopping.”

Fact: Performs Kendo aka Martial Arts and in 2010 won the 2nd place in Ind. Yudansha (Black Belt)

Book: Web Marketing All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies

Video: PPC Masters 2014- Proving the ROI of Social PPC


BRIAN FANZO - Digital Marketing Expert 9

Millennial Speaker and Change Evangelist

Website | Twitter

When it comes to digital marketing. Brian Fanzo is one of the most enthusiastic, and infectious personalities in digital marketing. Fanzo comes at new platforms and developments with open arms and looks at ways to utilize them to the best effect.

Article: Top App + Tools to Transform Your Twitter Engagement


JOE KERSCHBAUM - Digital Marketing Expert 10 Account Director at 3Q Digital

Website | Twitter

Joe Kerschbaum is one of the top 50 Digital Marketing Experts. Has worked with almost every vertical imaginable in PPC. He is an author, a columnist at SEW, and a speaker at SMX, SES, and Hero Conf.

VideoHero Conf 2015 Sneak Peek with Joe Kerschbaum


MELONIE DODARO - Digital Marketing Expert 11 Author and CEO of Top Dog Social Media

Website | Twitter

Melonie Dodaro is among the best Digital Marketing Experts out there. She is a LinkedIn expert and uses her blog to examine how people can use social media to maximize their results.

Article: Tips on How to Get More Prospects to Visit Your LinkedIn Profile


MIKE ALLTON - Digital Marketing Expert 12 CMO at SiteSell and founder of the Social Media Hat

Website | Twitter

Mike Allton’s blog, The Social Media Hat is a wealth of knowledge, with regular ads on with the latest news, changes, and updates with in-depth actionable explanations of their impacts and effects.

Article: How to Activate Facebook Authorship



ANN HANDLEY - Digital Marketing Expert 13 Head of Content at Marketing Profs

Website | Twitter

Contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine, LinkedIn, Influencer Program, and Huffington Post. Ann Handley has an incredible ability to transform her thoughts into practical, beautiful pieces of content that know no bounds.



TAMI CANNIZZARO - Digital Marketing Expert 13 VP Marketing CA Inc.

Website | Twitter

An advocate for the business transformation in the current digital, mobile, social customer-centric economy, her first career was as a ballet dancer. Author of the “Finding the ‘Why’ for your Brand”

Video: Are You Evolving as Fast as Your Customers?



SHAMA HYDER - Digital Marketing Experts 15 Founder and CEO of Marketing Zen

Website | Twitter 

Talk about a millennial boss, her success led her to be the recipient of the prestigious Technology Titan Emerging Company CEO award. Shama Hyder has been honored both at the WhiteHouse and The United Nations for being among the top 100 young women entrepreneurs. A keynote speaker, author, media personality, and globe trotter. Isn’t she mind-blowing?

Video: 12 Business trends for 2016


ALEYDA SOLIS - Digital Marketing Experts 16 International SEO Consultant at Oranti

Website | Twitter

Aleyda Solis is among the top 50 online marketing experts and influencers. Writer for Search Engine Land, State of Digital, and Moz. SEO speaker with more than 60 conferences in 15 countries in English as well as Spanish.



ANITA PEREZ- VALDEZ - Digital Marketing Experts 17 VP of Operations at TopSpot Internet Marketing

Website | Twitter

Anita Perez is one of the first 10 people to become a Google AdWords Professional. Speaker at SMX West, Conversion Conference, IS Conference and Google B2B seminars. Passionate about paid search, SEO analytics, and Social media.



ANN SMARTY - Digital Marketing Experts 18 Brand Manager at Ninjas Marketing

Website | Twitter

Ann Smarty, founder of Viral Content Buzz, editor-in-chief at Search Engine Journal, Columnist at SEOmoz, Mashable, Social Media Examiner and so much more.



PAM MOORE - Digital Marketing Experts 19 CEO and founder of “Marketing Nutz”

Website | Twitter

Pam Moore is a consultant, speaker, and author who excels at conversion optimization and social branding. Recognized by Forbes as a top 10 social media power influencer.



EKATERINA WALTER - Digital Marketing Experts 20 Author and Sprinklr Evangelist

Website | Twitter

Ekaterina Walter has worked in various roles and capacities in digital marketing, including stints with both Intel and Accenture. She has tips on branding and how the industry works.

Article: In Business Your Reputation Is The Only Currency That Matters



AMY BISHOP - Digital Marketing Experts 21 Director of Audits, Outbound, and Training at Clix marketing “The Bishop of PPC”

Website | Twitter

Interestingly, Amy Bishop is an avid Boilermaker fan. Her expertise spans eCommerce, lead generation, and localized site-to-store strategies. Find her blog on The SEM Post, Clix’s blog, and search engine. The author of “5 Common PPC Misconceptions”.



MELISSA MACKEY - Digital Marketing Experts 22 Search Supervisor at Gyro

Website | Twitter

Melissa Mackey has been a professional marketer for 28 years, a supervisor at the largest B2B agency in the world, and hosts her own blog, Beyond the Paid. A habitual contributor for SEW and the SEM post. Speaker at SMX, SES, and HeroConf.

Video: How to Write great PPC Ads with Melissa Mackey


MITCHELLE KILLEBREW - Digital Marketing Experts 23 Group vice president, US Marketing at Fisher Investments

Website | Twitter

Michelle Killebrew focuses on delivering superior brand experiences and has a background in digital marketing for high-tech companies. Award receiver of the 40 under 40 brand innovators, a 2014 Killer Content award, and more.



JULIE JOYCE - Digital Marketing Experts 24 Co-Founder and director of operations at Link Fish Media

Website | Twitter

Julie Joyce company based in Greensboro specializes in creating custom link-building campaigns for clients.  Founder also of SEO Chicks and Avant Greensboro.



ANGIE SCHOTTMULLER - Digital Marketing Experts 25 Growth Marketing Consultant at Interactive Artisan

Website | Twitter

Angie Schottmuller is known for empowering conference attendees with cutting-edge strategies, free “power tools” (templates, scorecards, code snippets, etc.), and tactical takeaways. With her mash-up of data-driven technology and persuasive psychology, she aims to equip viewers for serious action. She was named by Forbes and Entrepreneur as one of the Top Online Marketers for 2016.


PAMELA LUND - Digital Marketing Experts 26 PPC Advertising Consultant at “That Pam Chick”

Website | Twitter

Pamela Lund is one of the top Digital Marketing Experts. Pamela specializes in AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Twitter Ads strategy and management for eCommerce businesses of all sizes. She has a particular interest in innovative companies that are developing and selling environmentally-focused products.



JULIE F BACCHINI - Digital Marketing Expert 27 Founder & President of Neptune Moon LLC

Website | Twitter

Julie F Bacchini is the founder of the Neptune Moon. An expert in SEM, PPC, and SEO. She writes for and is a speaker at SMX. One of the top Digital Marketing Experts to follow.



JENNIFER OSBORNE - Digital Marketing Expert 28 President at Search Engine People

Website | Twitter

Jennifer Osborne is one of the leading Digital Marketing Experts in Canada. President of Canada’s largest digital marketing firm. Her firm has ranked among the 100 fastest-growing companies for the past five consecutive years and it has thus been named one of the PROFIT Magazine’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies in the Greater Toronto Area.



GINNY MARVIN - Digital Marketing Expert 29 Author at Marketing Land and Search Engine Land

Website | Twitter

Ginny Marvin covers paid online marketing topics including paid search, paid social, display, mobile, and retargeting for search engine land and marketing land.  Regular panel regulator at Third Door media’s SMX and SocialPro events as well as other industry events.



LAURA COLLINS - Digital Marketing Expert 30 PPC Team Leader at Periscopix

Website | Twitter

Laura Collins is a financial specialist, managing accounts across a range of sectors.  A blogger at Perscopix and a publisher of the company’s first Whitepaper that was later promoted by Google. Most recently she appeared on a digital marketing guru panel at the Platform D2C Conference.



PURNA VIRJI - Digital Marketing Expert 31 Senior Training and Development Manager at Microsoft

Website | Twitter

Purna Virji is a columnist for Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch, Speaker at conferences such as SMX, State of Search, and MozCon.An avid traveler and speaker of 6 languages.

Video: Remarketing in Paid Search, 8 proven segments to maximize your ROAS



KATY TONKIN - Digital Marketing Expert 32 VP of Digital Strategy of Point It

Website | Twitter

Katy Tonkin, a team leader of 20, managing over 50 countries and 25 localized languages. Named among the 25 most influential women in PPC. She divulges her expertise on international PPC at conferences. Speaker at HeroConf and author of “Once Upon a Quality Score: a PPC Bedtime story.



LISA RAEHSLER - Digital Marketing Expert 33 Founder and SEM/PPC Strategy Consultant of Big Click Co

Website | Twitter

2015 Microsoft MVP Award for Bing Ads. Columnist at SEWatch, SEM Post, and ClickZ Speaker for SES, HeroConf, PubCon, and ClickZLIive. Most influential pay-per-click experts.




BRYAN KRAMER - Digital Marketing Expert 34 Author and CEO at Pure Matter

Website | Twitter

Have you heard of the popular book “There is no B2B or B2C: It’s Human to Human” and the follow-up “Shareology”, well this Shareologist is the author. Bryan Kramer is one of the true thought leaders in the new social media marketing movement.

ArticleKramer’s Thoughts on Why Visual Storytelling is Taking Over the World


NICK CICERO - Digital Marketing Expert 35 Founder and CEO Of Delmondo

Website | Twitter 

You are looking at the next evolution in digital marketing. Together with his agency, Nick Cicero is utilizing influencers, especially on new platforms like Snapchat, to understand audiences and maximize marketing impact. Guys, he is worth looking into.

Book: State of Snapchat Analytics



SAHIL JAIN - Digital Marketing Expert 36 CEO and Co-Founder of AdStage

Website | Twitter

Sahil Jain is a co-founder of an all-in-one advertising platform that helps people create, manage and optimize campaigns across search and social ad networks. He co-founded his first company, Y-Combinator, and SV Angel-backed, at 20. Sahil dropped out of high school at 17 to join Yahoo! Mobile and then dropped out of UC Berkeley at 19 to join AOL Corporate Development. Talk about a risk-taker.


AARON LEVY Digital Marketing Expert Manager of Client Strategy at Elite SEM

Website | Twitter

This smiley face is fascinated with consumer psychology and buyer behavior. A speaker at nationwide industrial events, including SES and SMX. Aaron Levy is also a teacher to many college students with interest in digital marketing.

Video: Marketing Whiz Wit



PERRY MARSHALL - Digital Marketing Expert 38 CEO of Perry S. Marshall and Associates

Website | Twitter

Perry Marshall is one of the world’s most knowledgeable experts on sales growth, having helped thousands of advertisers save billions with Adwords through his scientific method of advertising. This best-selling author on Google and Facebook Ads has written 7 books and is the world’s most-quoted consultant on Google Advertising.



BRIAN SOLIS - Digital Marketing Expert 39 Principal at Altimeter Group

Website | Twitter

Brian Solis is an eloquent and knowledgeable speaker, Brian’s topics range from the future of work to how digital is transforming.




MIKE RHODES - Digital Marketing Expert 40 CEO and Co-Founder of WebSavvy “PPC NINJA MASTER”

Website | Twitter

Mike Rhodes agency is one of Australians’ top PPC. A Google Adwords speaker, an international speaker, and a best-selling author.

Video: Google AdWords Re-targeting



KEVIN LEE - Digital Marketing Expert 41 CEO and Co-founder of and

Didit | We-CareTwitter

Kevin Lee is a Search Engine Marketing expert since 1995. His many years of experience provided the foundation for Didit’s proprietary Maestro search campaign technology. Kevin is a philanthropist, raising over 7.8 million in cause marketing dollars.

Book: Search Engine Advertising and The Eyes Have It


MEL CARSON - Digital Marketing Expert 42 Founder of Delightful Communications

Mel Carson | Delightful Communications | Twitter

Mel Carson is an entertainer in his visionary speeches and inspiration in digital media. An Ex-Microsoft Digital Evangelist, a digital marketing keynote speaker, and writer for Entrepreneurs.



MATT UMBRO - Digital Marketing Expert 43 Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Website | Twitter

A Red Sox and Patriots fan, the host of PPCChat on a weekly basis. Matt Umbro is the founder of PPCChat produces content for PPC Hero, a writer for SEJ, Marketing Land, and SEL speaker at SMX and HeroConf.



GARY VAYNERCHUK - Digital Marketing Expert 44 Founder and CEO of VaynerMedia

Gary Vaynerchuk | VaynerMedia | Twitter

Gary Vaynerchuk is a Social media marketing superstar. He has an awesome personality that’s magnetic and has helped 500 companies find their social voices and build their digital brand through story-telling.



Related Post: 40 of the Best Social Media Marketing Tools


MARTY WEINTRAUB - Digital Marketing Expert 45 Founder and evangelist of AimClear

Website | Twitter

Marty Weintraub has been honored with “Top 25 Most Influential PPC Expert” 3years in a row and is known as the “Psychographics Maven” when it comes to the digital marketing world. Marty is an Entrepreneur, author, speaker, and musician. His success is attributed to his unique persona that is instantly recognizable.



BRAD GEDDES - Digital Marketing Expert 46 Founder of and “PPC Geek”

Website | Twitter

Brad Geddes company is dedicated to education and training. He is the author of “Advanced Google AdWords” and the only person selected by Google to conduct the Advanced AdWords seminar series. Brad also runs the Marketing Nirvana podcast on iTunes.



STEVE RAYSON - Digital Marketing Expert 47 Director at BuzzSumo

Website | Twitter

Director of the app BuzzSumo, Steve  Rayson informs the world about sharing behavior and trends online. He has teamed up with Moz to analyze more than a million online articles.




JASON CALACANIS - Digital Marketing Expert 48 Angel investor, writer, and founder of launch festival

Website | Twitter

Jason Calacanis has been in the industry for a long time and therefore, he knows what to look for with the latest trends and what’s coming next.

Article: What Calacanis would do if he were a twitter CEO




DARREN ROWSE - Digital MArketing Expert 49 Founder of ProBlogger

Website | Twitter

When it comes to digital marketing, Darren Rowse is no toddler. Blogging is his full-time job and source of living. One of the best-known voices, with irreplaceable thoughts on utilizing evergreen content. Darren Rowse’s blog is one of the Top 40 Internet Marketing Blogs.



DAVID SZETELA - Digital Marketing Expert 50 VP of Search Marketing Operations

Website | Twitter

David Szetela is a former Apple Computer executive, with a double MS in Flavor Chemistry and Computer Science. The columnist for SEW, MarketingSherpa, and SES speaker. An experienced international sales marketer and manager in the PC, software, internet publishing, online gaming, advertising, and music industries.

Book:  Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing: An Hour a Day

Video:  Staying on Top of Your PPC Game


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