The Success of Facebook Ads, and Facebook Ads Best Practices

facebook ads best practices

When it comes to online marketing, social media is the cornerstone for nearly everything we do. How we choose to put ourselves out there—and the ways we choose to do it—are important if we want to ensure that we’re getting the best results we can. So, when it comes to Facebook ads and Facebook ads […]

8 Small Business Facebook Rules Explained In Animated Gifs

You worked hard to get people to “like” your Facebook Page.  Now follow these rules to make sure you they don’t change their mind. 1) Use proper punctuation, grammar and spelling.  You want to look professional, so don’t type like you’re writing a text. 2) Do not cause or get involved with any drama.  Before you post […]

Facebook Boost Post – Will It Bust your Bank Account?

Facebook Boost Post - Will It Bust your Bank Account?

As a small business owner on Facebook, you may have noticed the little Facebook boost post button down in the bottom corner, tempting you to hit it every time you post something.  A quick google search or conversation with your online marketing expert will usually be met with a harsh scolding.  “Do not EVER hit the […]

What the New Facebook News Feed Changes Mean For Your Business

Facebook News Feed Changes

When dabbling in the world of online media marketing, you have to make sure you’re keeping up with all the trends as best you can. After all, using an older method for something that’s constantly evolving and shifting won’t get the job done the way it should, and missing out on quality traffic and leads […]

Leads Today, Gone Tomorrow

Leads Today

Leads Today, Gone Tomorrow. I had a client who saw the power of Facebook and embraced its potential.  Two years making regular posts and thousands of dollars spent on Facebook advertising had given him thousands of fans and was producing quality leads on a daily basis.  That all came to an end this week, as […]

Video killed the radio star, but Facebook killed its sponsors 

As a business owner, sales leads became the focus of my existence. I tried everything from cold-calls to chamber of commerce mixers to sponsoring local events. It’s not too surprising that I was a prime target for the advertising sales rep for some of my local radio stations. He showed me charts of their listener-ship, […]

Powerful Ways to Increase Your Success With Facebook Online Marketing

Powerful Ways to Increase Your Success With Facebook Online Marketing

Facebook has revolutionized the way that people in business conduct their online marketing. Of course, other social media sites have contributed in their own ways, but none of them can truly hold a candle to the powerful juggernaut that is Facebook. However, we need to make sure that we’re utilizing that power in the best […]

Facebook Lead Ads – A Tutorial

Facebook Lead Ads Tutorial

Facebook Lead Ads Have I ever mentioned how important I think it is to get the email addresses of prospective customers? If you answered “no”, then this is the first time you’ve read any of my posts, in which case, hi, my name is One-Click Lindsey. The e-mail address of somebody who is interested in […]

Facebook Advertising Cost: Finding the Right Prices

Facebook is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful social media websites on the internet. Its reach is incredibly broad, meaning the target audiences for businesses trying to establish an online presence can be both enormous and overwhelming. With such a powerful and well-known brand already established, trying to harness the power of Facebook […]