8 Small Business Facebook Rules Explained In Animated Gifs

You worked hard to get people to “like” your Facebook Page.  Now follow these rules to make sure you they don’t change their mind.

1) Use proper punctuation, grammar and spelling.  You want to look professional, so don’t type like you’re writing a text.
small business Facebook rules

2) Do not cause or get involved with any drama.  Before you post something on your business page, ask your self, “Would I say this to my client in a face-to-face meeting?”  if the answer is “no” then don’t post it on Facebook.

small business Facebook rules 2

3) Always be positive and nice when responding to fans on your page.  A persons tone is hard to decipher on Facebook because everything is written.  Therefore, be personable and be nice.
small business Facebook rules 3
4) Engage with the people who comment on your posts.  Potential customers have taken the time to comment on your page, so take a moment to respond.  If you want to be on social media, responding is essential to keeping your fans happy.

small business Facebook rules 4

5) Unless you are a political or religious organization, the LAST topic you want to be discussion is politics or religion.
6) If somebody posts something negative about you or your company, or has some complaint, don’t stay silent hoping it will go away or nobody will notice.
7) Post regularly. Don’t create a Small Business Facebook Page and then forget about it because it’s not growing as quickly as you had hoped.  Patience is a virtue and your page will grow.
8) Only use your social media to sell to people 20% of the time.  Nobody likes a salesperson who comes on too strong!
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