The ONE Facebook Ad You Should Always Be Running

facebook ad you should be running

The ONE Facebook ad you should always be running for your business is a retargeting ad. Retargeting ads are so powerful because you are targeting a warm audience. They’ve visited your website and seen your services, which implies they’re at least a little bit interested, which makes them prime for advertising. You WILL see results […]

Traffic and Leads Podcast: Social Media Business Tips

Traffic and Leads Podcast: Social Media Business Tips

I had the pleasure of chatting with Miss Mojca Mars of Super Spicy Media. If you want to know more about Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, we cover it all in this interview. She’s a blast to talk to and I’m sure you will have fun listening. IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN: How Mojca started her business […]

Online Marketing: Quality over Quantity

Quality Over Quantity

I had a client that really wanted to purchase some email addresses this week so her list would be bigger and she’d have more people to market to. I had to talk her down from the ledge and let her know that her list, although smallish, was really engaged and wanted to hear from her. […]

Does Facebook Advertising Work

Does Facebook Advertising Work

I get asked this question all of the time, “Does Facebook Advertising Work?” The answer is YES. Facebook provides an amazing way to target your potential clients. Is your perfect client a middle aged woman who likes Shark Tank from Southern Florida? Cool… Facebook can reach her with Ad’s. It’s revolutionary and powerful. It is […]

Best Social Media Platform For Small Business

I get asked this question a lot: “Which social media platform should I be using to advertise my small business?” The easy answer is, find out where your customers are and be on that social media platform. The other easy answer is Facebook. I have yet to find a demographic that I can’t find on […]

Facebook Marketing That Works

Make sure you don’t miss my Facebook Marketing That Works Free Webinar.  Register here: http://www.howtostartsocialmediamarketing.com/   Webinar Date: Tuesday, June 9, 2015 2:00 PST (5:00 EST) for 45 minutes. Even if you’re busy…. sign up and I’ll send you a recording. My FREE webinar, Facebook Marketing That Works will teach you how to start producing leads […]

Are Your Facebook Ad’s Relevant?

With Facebook’s limited organic reach, it’s important to run ads that are relevant to your desired audience. So, how do you know how relevant your ads are? Facebook will tell you! Before you run your next ad, take a minute and watch this video and find out your Facebook Relevancy Score.    

How To Win At The Game Of Online Marketing

Social media is a great way to catch that new customer. However, it’s not as simple as putting out a piece of cheese.  But if you have patience and dedication, then it really is the better mouse-trap.  Watch this video to find out more! Awesome online marketing tips & a Kindle Fire Giveaway… what could […]

Tempt Your Fans To Watch Your Facebook Video

You know how important video is. Now is the time to create a short 30 second video about your business and post it on your page. If you’ve got a minute I will show you how to highlight this video on your Facebook Page so that every user that visits your fan page will see […]

Online Marketing Apocalypse

Google & Facebook have made announcements and folks are screaming that it’s the “online marketing apocalypse.”  You could see a huge drop in Facebook likes for your business page and a possible drop in your search engine rankings if your site isn’t mobile friendly! Watch this video to find out why these announcements are actually […]