Product Launch Strategies: How to Successfully Launch Your Product Using Facebook

Some of the best product launch strategies. Advice on how to successfully launch your product is all over the board. Some of it directly contradicts other advice. Most of it boils down to preference. There is, however, one thing we can all agree on: Social media can be a gold mine if it’s harnessed properly.

One of the newest crazes in business is to launch a product through Facebook marketing. It makes a ton of sense as a market platform, doesn’t it? Millions of people access Facebook regularly to connect with content they enjoy. Why not use it to introduce your new product that people are sure to love?

One of the best parts of Facebook is it’s myriad of options. With Facebook, you can connect with your audience in almost every conceivable way. Not only are there traditional ads to consider, but Facebook has webinar features, videos, and post types of every sort. With Facebook, new tools are cropping up regularly!

In this article, I’ll outline successful product launch strategies utilizing Facebook. This includes harnessing ads, webinars, and more. I’ll also be talking about my recent podcast with Claire Pelletreau, an expert on Facebook marketing. If you want to see an example of successful product launch strategies, you’ll want to check out the details of her recent $37k launch.

Learning successful product launch strategies don’t have to be a struggle. With the help of Claire, I’m going to walk you through some things that will help your social media based launch go over smoothly and successfully.

Product Launch Strategies: How to Successfully Launch Your Product

Want to Learn About Successful Product Launch Strategies? Start Planning Now!

The only way to have a successful launch is to avoid flying by the seat of your pants. Know what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it. Learn successful product launch strategies, mean how to successfully launch your product on a social media platform like Facebook doesn’t happen by accident.

Start by developing an image of your target audience. I know, I know; I’ve suggested this more times than I can count. If I suggest it a lot, it’s because of how absolutely essential it is. Knowing who you’re trying to draw in will let you plan out your content. Planned content takes the load off your shoulders. Claire Pelletreau outlined that perfectly in our recent podcast interview.

“I did do things differently in this launch,” admitted Claire, when talking about her recent $37k success-story of a launch. “I think the biggest thing I did was really planning out everything. I worked with my coach, who I have monthly calls with. We got on an extra call that was just dedicated to this launch. What he made me do was map out every single piece of content that I would send, on what days.”

Consider what you’ve already got under your belt, and utilize Facebook based on your needs. Are you big time, or just getting started? How’s your social following? If you’re not super big just yet, you might want to consider a soft launch. Reach out on social media, ask people to test your product and provide feedback. Offer a reward for their invaluable feedback.

Plan successful product launch strategies, and it’s far more likely to happen.

Engagement is Crucial

Social media engagement can be a bit nerve-wracking. What if you say the wrong thing? What if you miss someone’s post and don’t respond? What if you get cold feet when it comes time to do a live video? Claire sympathized with a lot of these issues on the podcast interview.

“I will do whatever it takes to not do a webinar,” Claire admitted. She also said that her coach was a big help when it came to working up her confidence: “He helped me bust through a lot of the discomfort I felt about webinars.”

You can’t learn the art of successful product launch strategies without breaking down a few mental barriers, right?

When it comes to webinars, in particular, Facebook is a great platform for them. Many members of your audience are already perusing Facebook throughout their day; why not make it easy for them to attend? Claire says that while she doesn’t have the stats on how her webinar contributed to her launch, it still helped her in other ways.

“The webinar pushed me to be out there more often,” said Claire in our podcast interview. “I was sending a lot of emails before the webinar, and after. It kind of forced me to put myself out there more and more, and I think that’s a good thing.”

Have you checked out the Facebook pages of successful companies? If you haven’t, be sure to do it as soon as possible. Check in on what they’re doing right that’s getting them engaged. Of course, don’t go about trying to adopt each technique you see successful companies using. There are a thousand ways to launch, but you’ll need to learn successful product launch strategies. Find what works for you!

Avoid Overselling

You’re selling something, right? How are you supposed to avoid selling it, while selling it? Learning how to successfully launch your product means learning how to walk that fine line between selling and overselling. On Facebook, it’s easy to cross that line.

It’s a question that has no straight answer. In order to avoid overselling, you have to dig in and adjust small details. The difference between sounding like a salesperson and sounding like a friend is often in what’s being offered, and how you’re offering it.

Avoid flaunting your product personally. It’s tempting to post about how fantastic your product is, but it ends up sounding insincere. If you want to post positive things about your product, get someone else to do it for you. Find reviews or positive posts that you can reshare, or enlist the help of a blog writer to write a review.

If you get lost on how to successfully launch your product without crossing the overselling line, remember the core of the business. You’re here to offer value to your audience. If something seems like it might be a waste of a customers time, don’t post it!

Ads are a Big Part of Successful Product Launch Strategies

Facebook can cater to a lot of different ad types. Claire, who knows a lot about successful product launch strategies, had some particular knowledge to share about the types of ads that worked well for her:

“I was doing video ads, I was doing regular link ads,” Claire said. “I was trying to see how close I could get to make all my money back from my ads. In the end, I learned that I can get the most qualified leads. The people who are most likely to buy… are people who’ve visited my site before and people who’ve watched a video ad of me.”

So clearly ads are a big part of successful product launch strategies, but you’ll need to discover what types of ads work best for you.

If you want to advertise, draw people in with an exclusive offer for those who follow your business on Facebook. Giveaways have been a notable success on Facebook, but make sure the prize is something your audience actually wants.

The ads should have a purpose and a point that drives your audience to action. Sales are good, as are any offers that are time-limited. Whatever it is, make sure that there’s a sense of urgency attached to it.

Listen Closely

Facebook is such a fantastic way to connect with your audience base. For years, before Facebook, businesses would be desperately looking for ways to get easy feedback from customers. Now we’ve got a simple and easy way to hear their voices. Learn successful product launch strategies by listening closely to what they have to say!

Earlier, I mentioned getting feedback from your audience. Don’t just ask for feedback and then nod your head sympathetically; take action on it! Nothing builds trust faster than feedback that’s acted upon. You’ll build your brand as one that listens to their customer base; there are few things as endearing!

Lastly–and it’s a big one–thank your audience for their participation. If you had a fantastic launch, throw up a post of thanks. After all, your business wouldn’t exist at all if it weren’t for your audience! This is also incredibly endearing and will allow your audience to feel closer to you as a business. Close customers make the best spokespeople.

There’s so much to learn about successful product launch strategies using Facebook, and this is just a slice of it. For more tips, be sure to check out my recent podcast with Claire Pelletreau to hear all about her $37k launch!