What the New Facebook News Feed Changes Mean For Your Business

When dabbling in the world of online media marketing, you have to make sure you’re keeping up with all the trends as best you can. After all, using an older method for something that’s constantly evolving and shifting won’t get the job done the way it should, and missing out on quality traffic and leads isn’t worth it. Staying on top of social media trends is the key to your success.

However, with Facebook on track to change the way its algorithm works, what can we do to evolve around these new Facebook news feed changes? Will these changes affect the way we run advertisements on Facebook? What does this mean for people who have business pages, and what can we do to work with this change, instead of against it? That’s what we’re going to talk about today, and by the end, your worries and fears should be put at ease. Let’s get started!

New Facebook News Feed Changes

Facebook News Feed Changes and The CLICK Technique: “C” For “Curiosity”

Before we get into the details of the Facebook news feed changes, however, we have to stop and discuss The CLICK Technique! A five day program that I’ve invented, The CLICK Technique is here to help you if you’ve found yourself and your website sitting dead in the water. With just five easy steps, you can turn your business around and generate traffic and leads like you never have before! Each letter of the word “CLICK” stands for a different step, and when put together—combined with a bit of elbow grease—you’ll see guaranteed results.

So, what letter of The CLICK Technique applies to these Facebook news feed changes? We’ll be focusing on the first “c”, which stands for curiosity. Before you’ve got anything truly set in stone, you need to generate buzz about your business, and what you’ve got to offer. You need people to be curious about your business, and doing so with catchy advertising is the best an most efficient way to get people’s attention and reel them in for possible business transactions.

These Facebook news feed changes work in the very same category. Since they target the way Facebook will be operating now in terms of what you will and won’t see, standing out in the crowd is even more important than it was before. You want to make sure the content you’re producing is what your audience wants to see, and catering to those needs and piquing their curiosity tends to work the best when you’re trying to make a technological splash.

Facebook News Feed Changes: How They Affect Your Business   

Now, if you’re like the rest of the online marketing world, then there’s a large chance you have a Facebook page for your business in order to reach your audience, as well as promote advertisement for yourself, and your products. In order to see the content you post, however, people have to ‘like’ your page, and if people aren’t there to see what you’re offering, that’s where the problem begins.

However, with the way these Facebook news feed changes are being implemented, sometimes people who engage with your page might be missing content as well. It’s a simple taste of Facebook trying to change their algorithm, and we’ll go over what it is they’re doing with these changes and what you can do to make sure you’re still getting the traffic—and advertisement—you’re looking for.

Breaking Down the Facebook News Feed Changes  

Before we get into the details, we have to separate the two kinds of Facebook identities. First, there’s a Facebook profile, which most people have nowadays. A Facebook profile is where you have your personal information and where you interact with friends and family on a close level. Second, there’s a Facebook page, which you use for small businesses.

Through the page, you can run advertisements, see insights and analytics about your page and your fans, and your page will rank in Google search results, making it perfect for a small business. So, when we talk about these Facebook news feed changes, we’re referring to Facebook business pages, not personal profiles.

Recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg issued a statement that read as follows: “Facebook is going to be making a ‘major change’ to how the social network is built to make the site better for people’s well being. Facebook’s product teams will now prioritize helping users have more meaningful social interactions versus finding ‘relevant content’, and Facebook says that users will see less public content from businesses/publishers and more posts from their friends/family.”

Now, we know what you’re thinking—less content from businesses? How will the people who interact with our page see when we put out new content? It’s okay to be worried, but you don’t have to stay in that worry for very long, trust us. Because while this change is something that will affect business pages, it won’t harm you in the long run. You just have to trust us on this one!

How to Work With These Facebook News Feed Changes

Back in the day, when Facebook got its start, the status you wrote would be seen by nearly everyone who followed or looked at your page. Slowly but surely, this has changed over time, dropping down and down to where it is right now. Just 5 to 8% of the people that are fans of your page will actually see any status update you make from your business page. In turn, this makes people upset. If people are engaging and interacting with your page, they should be able to see when you’re offering new content or promoting something that you’re selling.

To that, though, I ask one question: when has marketing ever been free? We pay for advertisements and marketing because that’s how the system works, and it’s okay that Facebook is doing this! You’ll make the money back through Facebook advertisements anyways, so the worrying is pre-emptive. You’ll be all right, trust me.

Overall, the changes they’re making isn’t any different than what Facebook has always been saying. In fact, Facebook’s been playing around the the idea of having two different news feeds for the differing content that mixes together on your news feed. One would be for your personal affairs—family members, friends, and the things you want to see. The second would be for businesses and promotions, aligning them all in one place so they don’t get mixed into your personal information, allowing you to see them fully without missing any sort of updates you’re looking to see.

Facebook News Feed Changes: Going Back To Basics

What Facebook is doing with these Facebook news feed changes is, honestly, going back to what Facebook originally was. People use Facebook as a tool of social media; they want to see what’s happening in the lives of the people they care about and to stay connected to those people in a way that’s easy, accessible, and free.

There’s only so much room in your news feed for every single status update, and Facebook’s algorithm has to be smart enough to try and choose what you actually see. So them saying that they’re going to downplay the business pages and promotions isn’t because they’re attacking the marketing scene. Rather, Facebook is trying to show you what they think you want to see, which is the updates of family and friends over the constant advertisements for things you might not be interested in.

Even beyond that, Facebook wants you to interact more. They want you to use the site for its base functions, and engaging with people is what the original aim of the website was and still is. They’re going to show you people you interact with more frequently in order to maintain a news feed that they think you want to see, and in the process, things you don’t always chase after are going to be left behind with the way things will be working.

How the Facebook News Feed Changes Affect Your Marketing

Because of this, I strongly believe that Facebook marketing will get even more competitive than it already is. Furthermore, it’s going to be very hard for someone to dive into Facebook advertisements without any prior knowledge or experience. If you can remember, Facebook advertisements are straying to what Google AdWords did. It was fairly simple to run at first, but over time, has become much more complicated with multiple facets to control and understand all at once. Therefore, it’ll be hard for a novice to go in and make money because of these competitive and complicated standards.

You’ll need to hire someone else to do it in the long run. Maybe not at the end of this month, and maybe not at the end of this year, but eventually, you’ll need help. The way this is panning out requires a larger team of people to handle every asset of what you’ll need, and people who’ve tried to run AdWords campaigns can tell you the very same! Having a professional team run these ads will not only get you a spot on Facebook ads campaign that’s affordable, but they’ll also be able to convert successfully, too.

Facebook News Feed Changes: Moving Forward

See! It’s not as bad as you think. While these Facebook news feed changes are affecting what people will be seeing, you can still reach your audience with a successful advertising campaign, and Facebook ads are pretty self explanatory when you know what you’re doing and what you should be targeting. Facebook has been heading in this direction for a while—it’s what they’ve always said, and they’re trying to do what they think is best for the core amount of people that use the site for what it is: social media. Serving relative content is what they consider to be a success, and with some hard work, you can do the very same, too.