Facebook Pixels? What are Those?

Facebook Pixels? What are Those?

If you’re here, I’m guessing you’ve wandered into the scary cave that is the Facebook backend. Well, congratulations for making it this far! If you are using Facebook to run ads, then the best way to get the most bang for your buck is to utilize the power of Facebook Pixels. Don’t let the term […]

Hot Or Not Website: Does Yours Pass the Test?

Hot Or Not Website

Hot or Not website, does your pass the test? Don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s an age-old saying, meant for us to think and perceive things beyond their exterior without prior judgment based solely on looks alone. It holds true, even in today’s age. However, like it or not, seemingly superficial standards are still […]

DIY Online Marketing: How to Succeed When Doing It Yourself

How to Succeed in DIY Online Marketing

Marketing: some people love to do it, some people hate to do it, but every business needs it. Online marketing is in even greater demand as businesses struggle to be seen among thousands. DIY online marketing IS possible. You don’t necessarily need an expert to juggle and maintain all your online marketing needs. It does, […]

How Much Does SEO Cost? A Guide to Getting the Most Bang For Your Buck

How Much Does SEO Cost

How much does SEO cost? “What can you expect to pay for a trustworthy SEO firm?” is a popular question among many business owners. Finding a sustainable and reliable partnership can be tricky, especially with cost versus effectiveness added into the mix. However, doing your research into making sure the outcome is worth the price […]

SumoMe Review: What can the WordPress SumoMe plugin do for you?

SumoMe Review: What can the WordPress SumoMe plugin do for you?

WordPress is a dream come true for a lot of internet marketers. It allows non-techies do a lot of technical things.  A WordPress plugin called SumoMe promises a FREE version that will help you build your list all with the click of a button.  Is it true or do they just want you to upgrade? […]

7 Monsters Keeping You Away From Small Business Success

Small Business Success

What scary things keep you up at night as a small business owner? Everybody has frightening marketing tasks lurking under their bed, and rather than face those terrors, many of us lie there, covers pulled up tight under our chin, paralyzed with fear. This Halloween, I want us all to shine a flashlight under our […]

Frankenstein’s Customer: What is a Customer Avatar?

What is a Customer Avatar?

Who is Frankenstein’s customer? What is a customer avatar? We aren’t talking about the blue giants in the movie. In fact, a customer avatar is more like something that would be made in Frankenstein’s lab than anything James Cameron would come up with. A customer avatar is a perfect customer that you have pieced together […]

Content is King, and Niche Topics Are a Boon For Your Business

niche content is vital to SEO success

Go to any online marketing expert and ask them what the most important aspect to SEO is; they’ll all tell you the same thing: content. And not just any content—it has to be high quality and thoughtful, the kind of content that will turn your blog into a genuine industry resource instead of just a […]

Your New Job Title: Content Curator

What Is Content Curation

Have you ever shared content from blogs, industry publications, Tweets or Facebook posts with your customer or prospects? Well congratulations, I have a new official title for you – “Content Curator.” It’s an official title and something you should take seriously because it’s an important role in generating more traffic and leads to your website. […]