The Sharkprenuer Podcast Seth Greene Interviews Lindsey Anderson

In this podcast, where SharkPreneurs are interviewed, I shared how I started out selling lemonade stands. Aside from that, I was running a babysitters club. I was not much of a babysitter, so I got a group of willing babysitters then I connected them to actual clients.

From the babysitters club, I ventured into the business world. Initially, when I entered college, I did not know which career to pursue. But I thought that information system was a safe bet since I had some innate entrepreneur spirit. I then got a really boring job at a nuclear facility dealing with radioactive material. I decided to develop websites on the side. I probably made a dollar an hour but it was good for a start in the commercial world.

A word of advice to startups is not to go all fancy with a large office and big staff. The biggest mistake I did was this and it really had a toll on our business. We were hustling to meet the payroll and I was pregnant at the time. In short, don’t play business! Our company had to make some changes, we eventually got rid of our office. We did not see the need for one since our clients are worldwide. Our clients are any people who are looking to get leads and drive more traffic. Basically, everyone that needs some online marketing.

I’m glad to have transformed a certain weight loss company that enlisted our services. They do some coaching through webinars on weight loss issues. We helped them build it and they also chose us to market it. We utilized Facebook ads and a 14-day email sequence for the company which bore fruit for the company. Indeed, it was an awesome experience. Listen more to this podcast to get more insight to what I shared with Seth Greene.

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