Website Lead Generation Strategies

Want to know some “Killer” website lead generation strategies? Listen to this conversation Miss Fabienne Raphael and I had on her Marketing To Crush Your Competitors Podcast.

Website Lead Generation Strategies


A few website lead generation strategies that were discussed during this podcast:

1.  Your website should be pretty and professional.

2.  Your website should be mobile responsive.

3.  Always have a call to action on your website.  What are your users supposed to do when they get there?

4.  Start email marketing.

5. Deliver high quality content to those on your email list.

6. Stay consistent with all your social media marketing

A few quotes from the show:

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve a small list or a big list. If you’ve a list, try to make it strong by sending them quality content. Because at the end of the day if you’ve a list of 100 people but 100 people are opening your emails then it’s better than having a big list but no one checking your content.”

“If I can balance owning my business with my personal life & children – then going to bed at night feeling accomplished – that’s success!”