Social Media Marketing for Long-Term Business Income with The Money Answers Show

I’ve always been an entrepreneur. When I went to college, I decided to go into information systems so that I could try these many business ideas so that I could not hire a web developer. That was my interest. My first job out of college was working in a nuclear facility in the middle of the desert. It was really boring because you could not get to do anything without getting 20 signatures on a piece of paper to change a line of code. So I started side hustling and building websites for people of the area. I decided to quit my job and go into the web design world. Unfortunately, in web design, we were always competing on cost.

I thought and decided that people really needed traffic and leads rather than mere websites. So I rebranded with and we specialized in online marketing and social media marketing. Traffic meaning Facebook ads, SEO, Pay per Click and that kind of things that drive traffic to a landing page. Turning that lead into a lifelong client.

Social Media Marketing Today

It’s really big at least in the circles that I’m in. I’m still shocked at people who are not doing online marketing because it could really change their business. I think that it’s really big and small businesses should come on board.

Can One Get to a Point of Saturation?

Yes and no. That’s often a concern of people starting an email marketing campaign. I already get a lot of spam emails, but I personally subscribe to about 5 people who I look forward to their emails. I devour their information and I actually want their information in my inbox. You are not getting people to sign up on your email list just so you can spam on them. This is not the aim of social media marketing. You want people who want to hear from you and are looking forward to your email and need your information.

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Social Media Marketing for Long-Term Business Income with The Money Answers Show