Increase Traffic To Your Website And Generate New Leads Using SEO

Hey, everyone! I recently had an awesome interview with J9, the host of Get It Done Mum podcast. I must admit J9 is an enthusiast and incredibly fun lady to chat with. I was delighted to share the popular story behind my nickname One-Click Lindsey which was a unique way of introducing myself and recap what I do and in the process I got to answer some of the questions concerning SEO and website traffic that were raised by some of the Mums. If you are new to digital marketing this interview will be extremely helpful for I get to define and digest all about SEO and website traffic.

I was happy to use some of the jobs I have done before as examples to clearly demonstrate what I was talking about.  I get deeper into ways you can drive traffic to your website.  My absolute favorite, which in my opinion, trumps all other forms of advertising is SEO. As I discussed with J9, SEO based campaigns are not instant, it takes 3 months for Google to notice your efforts and roughly 6 months to get the sort of traffic you hoping for. Pay-per- Click is an example of a paid ad and it’s a little more conducive when getting traffic, then there are local business results and there is the golden stuff; organic search results.

She was really interested in ways one can drive traffic, create new visitors and leads that will eventually lead into paying customers. I therefore dived into the importance of having a lead magnet and I got to share my top 5 steps for driving traffic and getting ranked in search engines.  I always emphasis on keyword research and optimization as this is the king to your content. If you want a DIY keyword research there are google tools like Keyword Tracker that will help you get into google search ranks. An important attribute that is a must for your website, is that it should be mobile friendly.

As a business owner focus on page optimization. I go deeper into off page factors which is all about people linking back to your website and making google think your website is super cool. Tracking traffic to your website, to get valuable information on who has been to your site for what reasons and the amount of traffic you currently receiving on your site. This will be extremely helpful while making an audience and using email as a tool to convert your website traffic to leads for your business.

J9 was keen on asking if there were any tools that would help listeners to accomplish my 5 steps. I thus get to talk of some of the free tools you can use to find people to share your content and create back-links on your site. If you are a blogger I share some valuable tips and tricks to boost your content, increase those likes and triple the comments. I mention resources like which is a tool for content creators of people blogging of the same topics as you.

Like always, I had ingenious and invaluable advice for the mums who want to DIY traffic generation, shared some strategies while scaling the number of customers, and how to avoid bounce rates. It was an educative interview and I highly recommend that you tune into the podcast and learn things like:

  • Keyword research-what it is and how to do it.
  • How to use Yoast SEO to step you through optimizing your site for SEO.
  • The reasons you should be using Google Analytics to track your results and three of the most important questions to ask yourself when it comes to your website traffic.
  • What is bounce rate and how do you improve on yours.
  • Things to watch out for when paying to get SEO to avoid fraudsters and why it is important to play the long game.

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Increase Traffic To Your Website And Generate New Leads Using SEO