Your New Job Title: Content Curator

What Is Content Curation

Have you ever shared content from blogs, industry publications, Tweets or Facebook posts with your customer or prospects? Well congratulations, I have a new official title for you – “Content Curator.” It’s an official title and something you should take seriously because it’s an important role in generating more traffic and leads to your website. […]

The 5 Most Important Email Newsletter Best Practices

Top 5 Email Newsletter Best Practices

Anyone can make a newsletter. How do you make sure the people who sign up for yours stick around? Keeping some of the email newsletter best practices in mind will help you get started. I’m here to help with that! These days, newsletters are fairly easy to set up; it’s part of the glory of […]

SumoMe Review: What can the WordPress SumoMe plugin do for you?

SumoMe Review: What can the WordPress SumoMe plugin do for you?

WordPress is a dream come true for a lot of internet marketers. It allows non-techies do a lot of technical things.  A WordPress plugin called SumoMe promises a FREE version that will help you build your list all with the click of a button.  Is it true or do they just want you to upgrade? […]

50 Ways to Create Creative Content That People Read and Share

Creative Content Writing Tips for Beginners

The first C in the CLICK Technique acronym stands for curiosity. The best way to create curiosity for your product or service is with content. Creative content is where most folks in online marketing struggle, so I’ve decided to create a monster list of creative content writing tips for beginners to help you get some […]

35 of the Best Offline Marketing Ideas

Offline Marketing Ideas

Most businesses that succeed, do so because their marketing strategy uses a mixture of online and offline marketing ideas. This is usually called multi-channel marketing. But offline marketing ideas seem to be going the way of the dinosaur–extinct. Just because you have an online-based marketing strategy, doesn’t mean you should ignore those great offline marketing […]

Joint Venture Advantages: The Pros and Cons to a Joint Venture Agreement

Ever considered a joint venture agreement? There are pros and cons to entering into this type of alliance with another business owner. If you and your business have been going it alone for a while, it might be time to pair up. But what, exactly, is a joint venture agreement? Snowe Saxman, the business owner […]

Web Strategies: Sailing To Success Podcast

Web Strategies Sailing To Success Podcast

Hey everyone!  The Sailing to Success podcast recently invited me to speak on their show, and of course, I was only too happy to oblige. Their podcast is all about helping emerging entrepreneurs grow their business, which as you know, just happens to be my passion and number one expertise. Let’s just say it was a […]

Is Your Website Content Strategy Seasonal?

I often tell my customers that evergreen content is a very important part of their website content strategy.  The landscape companies I work with are always fine with this suggestion for some reason, but everybody else usually needs a bit more explanation.  What is evergreen content, and why is it such a crucial part of […]