Meet Edgar Review: What can Meet Edgar Do For You & Your Social Media Strategy?

Here’s a Meet Edgar Review and we will talk about what can Meet Edger do for your and your social media marketing strategy. Like many of you, I run a business, and when I’m not doing that, I’m getting kids ready for school, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning… the list goes on and on. Social media is a key component to getting new business, but with everything I’m juggling at any given moment, it can be difficult to remember to engage my audience and keep my business top of mind. This is where a social media scheduling tool comes in handy, and there are a bunch of them out there. Hootsuite, Buffer, SocialOomph, and Sprout Social just to name a few. Today, I’m going to talk to you about a management tool that is perfect for those of us that have the need for social media, but not the time. And so, I’d like you to read my official Meet Edgar Review.
What is Meet Edger?
Meet Edgar is a social media management system that allows you to upload all of your social media posts into a categorized library. When you have filled up your library, you go to the calendar and tell Edgar to randomly pick an item from a category in your library, and post it to all the top social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Meet Edgar then just deals a card randomly from that deck on that day. This is different from other social media management tools that have you create a post and schedule it to appear on a specified day.
Meet Edger Advantages
1. You never run out of content
Maybe your cat died and you were planning a funeral right when all your posts on Buffer ran out. You don’t have a problem if you were using Meet Edgar. It keeps on chugging, selecting items from your categories forever and ever and ever. You will never run out of content.
2. Evergreen content
Content is the name of the game and creating good content takes time! Meet Edgar allows you to make the most out of this content by making sure it is used and reused. Your Twitter and Facebook fans won’t even notice, I promise.
3. Very easy to use
Meet Edgar is SO easy to use. The interface is very intuitive and once you have your library uploaded into specified categories it really just runs on its own.
4. RSS Integration
Do you write on your blog weekly? Edgar will pull our latest blog posts into its catalog and you can “approve” or “disapprove” them via their interface. This makes it really easy to constantly be adding new cards to your deck.

Meet Edger Disadvantages

I’m sure you’re thinking that Edgar sounds like a dreamboat! Well, he is a great guy, but just like my husband and the laundry, he could help out a bit more. Here are my biggest complaints with Edgar:
1. Meet Edgar will only post on “the Big 3”
Meet Edgar will only allow you to post on your Facebook Page, Facebook Group Page, Twitter Feed, LinkedIn Page, or LinkedIn Company page. If you’re in the mood to post somewhere else, Edgar can’t help you with that.
2. No interaction or management
Edgar is good for one thing and that is posting and making sure you look alert on all social media platforms. If you want to retweet, comment, or share you will have to choose another tool that will help you handle that. Meet Edgar isn’t a great platform for managing what is happening with your brand on social media.
3. Expensive
When you compare Meet Edgar to other social media management tools, it’s really expensive. Most folks are spending $50.00 per month for 10 accounts. For a lot of people, that money is well worth their time, but there are cheaper options out there.

Who is Meet Edger Perfect For?

Edgar is the perfect social media management tool for companies that meet the following criteria: • First, who understands the importance of constantly in front of their audience on social media. • Companies that create evergreen content that deserves to be shared multiple times. • Companies that don’t get a TON of interaction on the different social media channels and don’t have a need to manage comments, tweets, retweets, etc. • Who that don’t have the time to schedule individual posts per day but want their social media to be on auto-pilot.

Traffic And Leads Meet Edger Review Case Study

During this Meet Edgar review, I thought you’d be interested in a case study that reflects how important it is to be in front of your audience AND how easy Meet Edgar can make that. Traffic and have been executing an online marketing campaign for a highly successful client of ours. Their social media accounts are a dream come true for anyone in social media management.
Why is that?
Because they have built up a dedicated and adoring fan base that interacts so well anytime something is posted on social media. We will typically post for this client on Facebook 3 – to 5 times per week. In March of this year, I decided that since their following was worldwide (meaning they were up and looking at social media at all hours of the day) then I would put all of their content into the tool and allow Edgar to post twice a day EVERY DAY and we would continue posting a random 3 – 5 times per week. We changed NOTHING except the integration of Meet Edgar reposting their evergreen content 2 times per day. Check out the ahhhhhhhhmazing stats below: MEET EDGAR REVIEW CASE STUDY Reactions, Comments and Shares Take notice on the following two screenshots only display ORGANIC TOTAL AND POST REACH! Meet Edgar Review: ORGANIC REACH Meet Edgar Review - Total POST REACH! In the spirit of full disclosure, we did increase our UNLIKES during this period from 4 to 9… but really that’s to be expected when you increase your social media posts. I’ll take interaction on my posts for a few unlikes ANY DAY. Please note, that we did run some paid campaigns during the past year, so I can’t credit Meet Edgar for all the new likes on the page. Meet Edgar Review - Page Likes


Meet Edgar is a GREAT tool that you can use to ensure that your audience is constantly seeing you and your message online. Don’t think Edgar is the right guy for you? Hey, play the field! Just use something to help you get seen FREQUENTLY by your audience.

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