Does Nathalie Lussier’s “30 Day List Building Challenge” promise more then it can deliver?

Does Nathalie Lussier’s “30 Day List Building Challenge” promise more than it can deliver? I’ve mentioned before how important list building is for any small business.  It should be an essential piece of your online marketing strategy but can be such a time-intensive, frustrating and overwhelming task, that many will either not start or abandon the project before it has a chance to work.  Today I wanted to review an awesome (and FREE) tool that will help you push past feelings of being overwhelmed with list building and start making some serious traction.


Nathalie Lussier is practicing what she preaches and offering everyone who submits their e-mail address a 30-day step-by-step guide on how to start list building.  This program will walk you through everything from setting up your Google Analytics (so you can track your growth) to driving traffic to your website and getting people to submit their e-mail. WHAT IS THE NATHALIE LUSSIER 30 DAY LIST BUILDING CHALLENGE


After givingNathalie Lussier your email address, you immediately gain access to her online portal, which includes her daily videos and checklists.    She discusses results and prepares you to do some serious list building.  For the next 30 days you will receive an email that has a brief explanation of the day’s task and a link the day’s video.   One of the coolest parts of this program is that Nathalie grants you access to her 30 Day List Building Challenge Facebook group.    This private Facebook group is very active with people trying to build their business, and the community is an excellent resource to receive support on everything from getting feedback on your “irresistible offer” to “how to get MailChimp to actually cooperate.”

Her advice is solid and the steps she asks you to take are well thought out.  This 30 Day List Building Challenge is amazing, but only if you are committed and put in the effort to actually do everything she recommends.  That’s going to mean leaving your comfort zone and being really committed to list building.


This challenge is perfect for anyone just getting started in online marketing looking to build their list.   But even if your list is already populated with thousands of e-mails, Nathalie Lussier nuggets of wisdom will surely remind you of list building best practices that you may not have known or forgotten.   This challenge works best for people who are on a WordPress platform with a little bit of technical knowledge.  You will need to install Google Analytics and do a few things on your WordPress site in order to effectively list build.


  • Bite Size Pieces. List building has a lot of moving parts and Nathalie Lussier has successfully split this task up into actionable items that can be easily understood.
  • Ahhhh-mazing Videos. Nathalie Lussier spent time and money creating videos with high production value.
  • Daily Emails.   They are short, sweet, and remind you that you have a job to do today.
  • Adorable Personality. Nathalie Lussier has a really cute personality and she’s done an excellent job of injecting it into her program.  Even her email subjects and sign-offs will put a smile on your face and makes her instantly likable.  I feel like we’re friends!
  • Members Area.  The member’s area provides a history of the daily videos and a literal e-checklist so the end user can feel accomplished.  It’s also pretty cool that you don’t have to keep a history of all 30 emails but the member’s area lets you see everything you have already completed.


This is a great program, and it’s FREE, so these is absolutely no reason to not sign up.  However, any list building program is going to have some work to it, and this one is no exception.

  • Time.  The videos and emails are short and sweet but some of the homework assignments can take hours/days.  For example, if you want to build a really nice “irresistible offer” that people actually want, you have to brainstorm and come up with something really high quality.  She is also going to want you to write articles, which can be very time consuming, especially for something that may never see the light of day!
  • Tough. Nathalie Lussier asks you to step out of your comfort zone and send emails and make connections.  This can be pretty uncomfortable for some people but you’ve got to dedicate yourself to doing what she’s suggesting if you want the program to work.


If you take a peek at the 30 Day List Building challenge group, it seems that those individuals that are committed and active in the group are seeing a lot of list building success.  It’s not a surprise, asNathalie Lussier has done an excellent job of putting together these list building best practices in a simple way.


It’s easy.  Go here:  30 Day List Building Challenge and click the big pink “Take The Challenge!” button.


Even if you aren’t up for the 30 Day List Building Challenge, I’d recommend signing up anyway.Nathalie Lussier is the PERFECT case study on how to build landing pages, develop an irresistible opt-in offer, send a sequence of automated emails and nurture leads into potential clients.  If you want to experience some amazing internet marketing and gain a greater understanding of everything we have been talking about, get signed up and watch a master at work.