40 Best Content Marketing Experts You Should Be Following

40 Best Content Marketing Experts You Should Be Following

Digital marketing is a growing concept and with every new update, the game gets even more competitive. As a business owner, it is necessary to stay on top of it all. Getting the word out about what you can do, how you can do it, and why you do it better than anyone else in your field is imperative to finding success and building up a notable presence on the internet and in the world of marketing. By making sure that you’re keeping tabs on the best content marketing strategies from the top experts in the content marketing field, you can rest assured knowing that what you’re doing—and what you’re generating—is reaching the right people and bringing both you and your business the successful conversions that you’re looking for. Finding these people, however, can be difficult with an oversaturated marketing field.

That’s where I come in. That’s right—I’ve compiled a list of the best content marketing experts in the digital marketing field. These people know everything there is to know about content marketing—what type of content you should be creating, how often you should be releasing content, and the best ways to share that content across the internet. With specifics in different categories, this list of the best content marketing experts is sure to help you in your search to find the right way to produce your visions, and these people will lead the way towards the lead generation and conversions you’ve been striving towards. Let’s get started!

1: Julia McCoy

Julia McCay

Website | Twitter

A content marketer, blogger, entrepreneur, and best selling author, Julia McCoy is one of the best content marketers on the scene. The founder of ExpressWriters—a content creation team that finds the best writers on the internet and connects them in one place—Julia has spent years creating content for a multitude of high-end clients.

Julia provides the world of digital marketing with a blend of consistency and long-form content pieces that provide valuable information and educational tips using her much-needed expertise. She’ll show you how to create the best content possible, and how to leverage that content for the best possible results. In fact, in just under 6 years, her company has served over 14,500 projects, making them a nonstop content creating machine!

2: Shane Barker

Shane Barker

Website | Twitter

Shane Barker has made a name for himself in the digital marketing community with ease, and is one of the best content marketing experts on the scene! With regular contributions and publications for such companies as Salesforce, Yahoo Small Business, and Marketing Profs, Shane has shared his top digital and content marketing strategies with the best of the best, making him a name to follow in the fast-moving world of online marketing.

What started as a consulting agency has since grown into a full-fledged marketing machine that brings nothing but the top results to those he works with. His driven personality makes him work harder than most when it comes to making sure that you, the client, get the best possible results, and his passion and dedication never falters. If you’re striving to reach your business goal, Shane’s the guy to call.

3: Lilach Bullock

Lilach Bullock

Website | Twitter

Running a blog and a multi-facet marketing agency isn’t for everyone, but Lilach Bullock has it down pat! That’s what makes her one of the best content marketing experts in the past 5 years. With dedication beyond belief and a core passion and interest in social media and how it affects our everyday marketing strategies, Lilach has proven herself as one of the best when it comes to the conversation of content, and content creation.

Lilach works closely with her clients, making sure that they know what they’re getting into when they delve into the world of content marketing for the first time. It’s all about knowing what to write and having a powerful message within those words. You can’t expect results to come if you don’t put passion into what you have to say—by giving advice to entrepreneurs and business owners alike, Lilach connects businesses with a dedicated and motivated audience base, all starting with writing the content that brings them in.

4: Jason Miller

Jason Miller

Website | Twitter

Working closely with LinkedIn, one of the top social media platforms in the digital marketing world, Jason Miller knows exactly what it takes to be one of the best content marketing experts on the scene. As head of content and social media marketing, Jason’s job is to make sure that LinkedIn gives nothing less than the best possible results for business owners, entrepreneurs, and businesses as a whole.

By ensuring that users are given a memorable experience in order to make things run smoothly, Jason oversees and creates digital marketing strategies and solutions that give LinkedIn an edge up on the competition. Additionally, Jason reaches out across platforms and across the web to make strong relationships in every corner of the online marketing world that he can, ensuring that both he and LinkedIn remain on the top!

5: Shayla Price

Shayla Price

Website | Twitter

Shayla Price goes beyond writing with her digital marketing—Shayla works closely with SaaS businesses in order to generate more leads, sales, and success by helping business owners utilize the power of content. That’s what makes her one of the best content marketing experts and why she’s so good at what she does.

By optimizing buyer personas, Shayla gets to know the customer before they even exist, giving you a head start in terms of connection, conversion, and grabbing their attention. Then, based on the persona she’s created, Shayla writes incredibly insightful and topical content that’s sure to bring up conversions rates, and bring you more success in the end! Shayla’s pieces have been used by brands like Shopify, HostGator, AgoraPulse, and so much more. Her experience in outreach, email and content marketing, and team building makes her a wonderful addition to any digital marketing team.

6: Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich

Website | Twitter

From starting her own PR firm to blogging regularly about digital marketing strategies, Gini Dietrich is among the best of the best content marketing experts. A bestselling author of multiple marketing books such as Marketing in the Round and Spin Sucks, Gini has years of experience in the field of content creation and blogging effectively, making her one of the best content marketers in this day and age.

The lead blogger at blogging platform Spin Sucks, Gini shares her wealth of knowledge, tips, and tricks on how to most effectively handle some of the most talked about topics when it comes to digital marketing. Social media strategies, communication, and effectively snuffing out bad PR and marketing practices are all in a day’s work for Gini and the Spin Sucks community. With a dedication to making sure that the right information is at the forefront of online marketing, it’s easy to see why Gini is one of the best around.

7: Joanna Wiebe

Joanna Wiebe

Website | Twitter

Copywriters are often the unsung heroes of the marketing world, and Copy Hackers founder Joanna Wiebe knows that information better than anyone else. As someone who stumbled into the world of copywriting in 2006, Joanna has since worked on making sure that people are well educated on what exactly a copywriter does, and how effective they can be in the right setting. Due to her amazing strategies, it’s easy to see why Joanna is one of the best content marketing experts in the field.

At Copy Hackers, you can get all the necessary information about the world of copywriters; how they work, what they can do for you, and the kind of content they can and should be writing to improve your overall work experience. Freelancers and copywriters go hand in hand, and utilizing remote workers is a trend that’s slowly but surely catching fire. Make sure you give her content pages a readthrough to see if it’s time for your business to do the same!

8: Ann Handley

Ann Handley

Website | Twitter

Renowned keynote speaker and bestselling author, Ann Handley is a well-known name in the digital marketing pool. Founder of MarketingProfs—a marketing training and education company with over 600,000 subscribers—Ann is an avid content creator, blogger, and educator of the masses when it comes to digital marketing, and the power of crafting amazingly valuable content. It’s a no-brainer that Ann is one of the best content marketing experts in the online marketing world.

With books on how to create this fantastic content (Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content and Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business), Ann engages the masses with her invigorating approach, and her ability to educate with entertainment. AS a keynote speaker, Ann shares her strategies and top tips at marketing conferences all over the world, making her a highly sought after fount of knowledge in the online marketing field.

9: Benji Hyam

Benji Hyam

Website | Twitter

Founder of Grow and Convert—an amazing content marketing agency that not only gives you amazing pieces of content to share but also reports back on the success of the traffic being driven to that content—Benji Hyam is certainly one of the best content marketing experts around. After being hired by ThinkApps as the only content marketer, Benji quickly realized that no content marketing agency that existed did what he needed them to do. So, he took matters into his own hands and created his own.

Grow and Convert is what Benji calls a fully-done-for-you content marketing service. They go beyond what most content marketing agencies do—instead of just writing content that’s then shared to social media, Benji and his team build an entire strategy around what they want to write, how they want to share it, and the most effective ways to successfully drive traffic to your landing page. By working with you from start to finish, you’re getting full coverage, and the best content marketing you could hope for.  

10: Larry Kim

Larry Kim

Website | Twitter

By giving marketers and business owners a chance to talk to their clients instantaneously through the Facebook messaging app, Larry Kim and his company MobileMonkey have changed the way digital marketing works. Getting clients from point A to point B with nothing in between makes the customer happier and more willing to engage with tough questions, and giving the business owner a chance to respond directly and quickly fosters amazing relationships before sales even take place!

With all he’s done, it’s easy to say that Larry is certainly one of the best content marketing experts. In addition to his work with Facebook, Larry is also a notable author! By sharing his work with publications like WordStream Blog, Search Engine Land, Social Media Today, and more, Larry shares his knowledge and experience about topics like PPC marketing, SEO, and chatbot marketing.

11: Brian Clark

Brian Clark

Website | Twitter

Starting in content marketing back in 1998, before people even knew what content marketing was, Brian Clark made a name and a career for himself by exploring where content marketing would go, and how it would soon be a part of every facet that comes with digital and online marketing. Now, Brian is the founder of Rainmaker Digital—a digital commerce company that grows with the use of amazing content, smart copywriting, and incredible services. With all he’s done for content creation and curation, it’s easy to see why Brian Clark is among the best content marketing experts.

In addition to what Brian creates, Brian also works to educate the masses on what makes content curation so important. By operating the most popular content marketing blog on the web, Brian knows his reach, and using that to educate the masses on every aspect of content marketing is important if you want to find success!

12: Joe Pulizzi

Joe Pulizzi

Website | Twitter

Known as the “Content Marketing Evangelist” among the world of digital marketing, Joe Pulizzi is easily one of the leaders of the content marketing movement, and one of the overall best content marketing experts. Founder of the Content Marketing Institute, Joe has been researching content marketing since 2001, before content marketing really made a mark on the world of digital marketing, and marketing as a whole. Now, he leads the way with an amazing top-rated content blog that gives you the details you need to start your own amazing stream of valuable content.

The Content Marketing Institute is the leading global content marketing training and education program, teaching the masses on the best ways to utilize the power of content for the best possible results, as well as how to create content that your audience will actively engage with. Since the point of creating content is more than just education, but also inspiration, let Joe give you his best insider tips on how to get the ball rolling!

13: Brittany Berger

Brittany Berger

Website | Twitter

A no-nonsense marketing expert, Brittany Berger works with business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs alike to kick their content creation into high gear. With her refreshing taste of telling people like it is without beating around the bush, Brittany is easily among the best content marketing experts and is well trained in her field as a content consultant.

By focusing on using the content instead of creating it, Brittany works with you in order to get you results sooner rather than later. When you spend too much time focused and worried about what you’re writing, you’re wasting time and money that could be used in other—arguably more important—places. Brittany gives your content a makeover, bringing it to life quickly and making sure that how you’re sharing and spreading that content is effective, and is sure to give you a higher engagement rate.

14: Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas

Website | Twitter

The proprietor of one of the most popular and highly attended marketing blogs across the internet, Jeff Bullas has been working closely with social media and social media marketing for years! Jeff’s been at the head of social media marketing from the beginning, witnessing the changing of the tides and monitoring just how many social media would soon change our lives. Jeff keeps his audience, and a vast network of marketers, up to date on all things related to social media marketing, and how to effectively manage your content, making him one of the best content marketing experts on the scene.

With a heavy focus on how we harness the power of social media to power the best business strategies, Jeff aims to educate, teach, and expand on how to navigate this new digital world as a business owner, entrepreneur, and marketer. He delivers some of the best tips when it comes to content marketing, and how you should be generating and sharing content that’s not only meaningful to you as an author but meaningful to your audience with education and quality.

15: Gerry Moran

Gerry Moran

Website | Twitter

Creator of MarketingThink, Gerry Moran offers social media and content marketing strategies for B2Bs and personal brands, making him one of the best content marketing experts in the field! With almost 30 years of marketing experience, Gerry is driven to make sure that your business thrives under his consulting. By creating an invigorating and extremely successful social media marketing strategy for his clients, Gerry has found a happy place where excellence and hard work meet face to face, giving people results with ease and confidence.

By working with some top tier clients and digital marketing agencies, Gerry knows what it takes to give you the best possible results. Gerry knows that B2B marketing and content marketing go hand in hand, and making sure that you know that is imperative to both his and your success as a business owner. Content marketing is, after all, much more than just writing article pieces. You have to know how to sell them, too!

16: Jay Baer

Jay Baer

Website | Twitter

The most retweeted person in the world among the digital marketing Twitter-sphere, Jay Baer is among the best of the best content marketing experts, and one of the overall best digital media marketing influencers for you to follow. From keynote speeches to bestselling books and everything in between, Jay puts his focus and efforts on giving and maintaining amazing customer service, which brings business owners towards more profitable sales and generated traffic that you can be confident in.

In addition to creating amazing content, Jay also keeps the conversation around content marketing current with his podcast, Social Pros. There, Jay talks to the top people in the social marketing sphere, and together they share some of the best tips and tricks on how to make your social media and content marketing the best in the business. His blog, Convince & Convert, is also the top-rated content marketing blog across the board, with Jay giving you the rundown on how content marketing can change your digital strategies.

17: Louis Grenier

Louis Grenier

Website | Twitter

A jack of all marketing trades, Louis Grenier works to make sure that people remain to be at the center of social media marketing. As the head of content lead at Hotjar, Louis works hard to help business owners and entrepreneurs alike understand their website while also helping them generate more visitors, effectively bringing up their lead generation strategies and conversion rates in a matter of moments! His dedication to growth and expansion certainly makes Louis one of the best content marketing experts in the digital marketing sphere.

In addition to his work with Hotjar, Louis is also the co-host of Everyone Hates Marketers, a marketing podcast for everyone. By giving people the inside scoop on what can make marketers corrupt, Louis helps work with the audience he’s generated—as well as the audience of the world wide web—in an effort to save them from shady, manipulative, and all around bad marketers. People should be the first concern when it comes to marketing, and reminding people of that importance is something Louis does with ease.  

18: Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner

Website | Twitter

An internationally recognized keynote speaker, the best selling author of The Content Formula, and the CEO of the Marketing Insider Group, Michael Brenner is among the best content marketing experts on the scene. With a customer-centric approach to marketing, Michael ensures that teams are successful under the guidance of strong and empowered leaders.

Michael’s been working with corporate marketing departments for over 20 years and has built a litany of successful digital and content marketing companies along the way. After creating amazing content for the companies he worked for, Michael took this knowledge on the road as a keynote speaker, and decided to share his wealth of knowledge on the subject of content marketing with the world! From understanding your customers to understanding your culture, Michael keeps you on top of the content marketing game with strategies that help your business grow.

19: Jayson DeMers

Jayson Demers

Website | Twitter

Founder and CEO of AudienceBloom—a content marketing firm that works with customers to help increase website traffic and sales through social media audiences—Jayson DeMers work closely with people all over the world to increase their content and content marketing. With some of the best tips and tricks on how to properly create a blog with content that’s both valuable and full of educational information, it’s easy to see why Jayson DeMers is one of the best content marketing experts in the game.

Through AudienceBloom, Jayson offers a multitude of content marketing services—with hand-picked copywriters that promise content over 1,000 words per article, and that’s professionally edited for publication, Jayson not only teaches people how to replicate that sort of content for their own blog but also the importance of said content in the process. By working with the company on an overview of what they’re looking for, Jayson and his team can deliver top-notch results for content and social media marketing.   

20: Barry Feldman

Barry Feldman

Website | Twitter

Founder of Feldman Creative, a serial blogger, entrepreneur, podcaster, and content marketing consultant, Barry Feldman leads the way in terms of the best content marketing experts. He relies closely on working with clients to forge meaningful and strong relationships on which to build business prospects. Barry has been writing for years, giving him an edge up above the rest when it comes to quality of work, and quality of character.

Barry puts the customer first—by promising to collaborate with you every step of the way through brainstorming, mind-melding, and awesome communication. Barry works with you, not against you. Additionally, Barry’s content marketing services are meant for businesses of any size! You don’t have to worry about being treated differently for being a small business when you collaborate with Barry, and that’s something to give all business owners peace of mind.

21: Gail Gardner

Gail Gardner

Website | Twitter

A small business marketing strategist and founder of GrowMap, Gail Gardner works hard to make sure that people are getting the best out of their marketing experiences by providing a map for them to follow. Her work with GrowMap stands out as simply sublime and ensuring that people are fully aware of what they’re getting into before they pull the trigger on a new project makes her one of the best content marketing experts in the field.

GrowMap is a place where both readers and writers of blog posts can connect and understand the variety of customized routes that can lead you to generate more business, sales, leads, and visitors to your website. By sharing methods used before that have brought success, Gail and GrowMap serve as a literal road map of the internet, and they work to guide customers and clients towards the best content marketing strategies that are proven to work.

22: Veronica Stoddart

Veronica Stoddart

Website | Twitter

An award-winning editorial executive and content strategist expert, Veronica Stoddart creates multi-channel content for travel agencies and brands in between to help them build a strong and reliable audience, as well as a profit. By combining the powers of storytelling and hard work, Veronica is one of the best content marketing experts in the high profile field of travel and tourism, and her work has reached over 100 countries, making her expansive wealth of knowledge incredibly helpful and useful to business owners around the world.

Through her content marketing company, VS Content Strategies, Veronica helps brands attract and retain a target audience by developing high-quality content that is not only full of educational information, but also promises to engage customers and enhances loyalty built between you, the business owner, and the potential client. With her top of the line connections across the marketing world, you can rest assured knowing that Veronica is one of the best in the business, and her 30 years of experience in this field surely speak for themselves.

23: Loz James

Loz James

Website | Twitter

Loz James has been creating, promoting, and curating content for clients since 2001. With 17 years of experience in the field of content marketing and social media marketing, it’s easy to see why Loz is one of the best content marketing experts in the field right now. Helping business owners is what Loz aims for, and by growing traffic, leads, and sales with some of the best content marketing strategies, Loz can turn your content into something you can be proud of, and something that people engage with on a regular basis.

Overall, the team at Content Champion—Loz’s company—have a combined 40 years of work with SEO and digital marketing. So, regardless of if you’re a small business owner, and entrepreneur, or part of a large brand, Loz can help you with your content marketing strategies. With a focus on planning your content before it’s life, knowing the best way—and the best places—to publish your content, and promoting your content to the best audiences that are sure to read, appreciate, and understand what you’re trying to say.

24: Christoph Trappe

Christoph Trappe

Website | Twitter

Known as the “Authentic Storyteller”, Christoph Trappe is a top of the line consultant, speaker, and one of the best content marketing experts on the scene. By creating a company that focuses on sharing content that people make time for, Christoph encourages businesses and brands to prosper when they share authentic and genuine stories about things that matter not only to them but to their audience, too.

Christoph stays ahead of the game by keeping tabs on the changes and movement within content marketing and social media marketing by blogging about story development, audience engagement, and content distribution. By teaching overarching themes that can be applied across all digital marketing channels, Christoph encourages people to be interpersonal and authentic in their content approaches—by reaching out in a genuine manner, it’s easier to build a reliable audience that cares just as much as you do.

25: Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

Website | Twitter

Author of her own SEO-centric blog, SEO Smarty, Ann Smarty knows that one of the most important things about being a social media marketer comes down to content, content curation, and making sure that your content is speaking to the right people. Being one of the best content marketing experts is easy for Ann—with her years of experience in the world of search engine optimization, Ann understands how important is it to have incredible content, and her services help people all over the world achieve the very same.

Originally, Ann is from Ukraine, and using English as her second language is powerful in terms of explaining just how important it is that your content sticks out among the mass of content that the internet has to offer. With the strong and important relationships she’s forged by working in the digital marketing world for as long as she has, Ann has gained some of the best and most successful business tips that help small business owners and entrepreneurs alike. If you’re looking to up your content marketing game, Ann is the woman to make it happen.

26: Alex Hisaka

Alex Hisaka

Website | Twitter

With young aspirations of being a successful writer that serves to help people, Alex Hisaka has climbed her way up the ladder as one of the best content marketing experts, as well as one of the best digital marketing experts in the field. After watching the industry change with how often technology got involved with business and marketing, Alex changed with the game, and turned her journalism career into a marketing career that’s since helped people from all over the place find success with growth, traffic, and content marketing!

With hard work, collaboration, and the dedication to work towards helping people with some of the best content marketing strategies, Alex has been able to expand her career over multiple platforms across the digital marketing spectrum. With experience in fields like product marketing, content marketing, SEO, graphic design, and business operations, Alex has offered her work as a copywriter, content expert, and marketer to help brands grow and exceed their business plans.

27: Liz Strauss

Liz Strauss

Website | Twitter

Owner and runner of one of the most popular online blogs in the marketing sphere, Liz Strauss has been one of the best content marketing experts in the game for over 20 years! Her writing work is expansive, and with the experience, she’s had to work in the world of business and digital marketing, Liz knows exactly how to run a blog for the best possible results by focusing on product, experience, and important pieces that engage the reader and keep them coming back for more.

Liz works with businesses, entrepreneurs, and universities to help them understand the entire meaning behind blog posts—the text, the images, and the message you’re trying to send with the content you’re writing. As the CEO of GeniusShared—a company that works with businesses to provide a range of products to help with growth—Liz has worked with such a tight-knit community for years and will continue to do so with her amazing team of imaginative and creative collaborators. Working with people instead of against them truly does give the best content results!    

28: Joel Klettke

Joel Klettke

Website | Twitter

Joel Klettke has made a name for himself as a top-notch copywriter and freelancer by collaborating with some of the best and most well known digital marketing companies, agencies, and software companies. By working hard to find and fix conversion killers that disrupt the traffic flow to and from your website, analyzing customer research and using it to create amazing content that people want to see, and working to optimizing the content you’re writing and sharing—whether it be through social media or email marketing—it’s easy to see why Joel is one of the best content marketing experts in the field today.

With a tried and true process that’s proven to work over and over again, Joel works to create amazing copywritten pieces that speak to audiences across the board. Words, he says, are boring, and making them appealing to the masses is a talent that not many people can achieve so easily. Joel’s portfolio surely speaks for itself, and Joel knows what he can do to make sure that the content you’re writing begins to pop out, rather than fall flat.

29: Mike Allton

Mike Allton

Website | Twitter

Founder and operator of The Social Media Hat—a blogging community that’s used as a resource for small businesses and organizations for a wealth of educational content—Mike Allton is easily one of the best content marketing experts in the game right now. With The Social Media Hat, Mike has provided businesses everywhere with a free resource of articles, blog posts, and news updates about the digital marketing world, and the new tips and strategies that emerge with changing technology.

With years of experience as a blogger, social media consultant, and content marketing expert, Mike is known as an excellent teacher and enjoys showing people the ropes when it comes to content marketing. By combining the power of quality blog content, social media marketing, and proper SEO, Mike can lead people to actual results—increased traffic, lead generation, and a higher conversion rate to name a few!  

30: Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan

Website | Twitter

A man who found his own success after facing near bankruptcy with his pool business, Marcus Sheridan has since become one of the best content marketing experts on the scene! After starting his own blog, The Sales Lion, in 2009, Marcus became an internationally recognized keynote speaker, a sales and marketing coach, and an overall success as a digital marketer, and business owner.

The Sales Lion works with an array of business owners and entrepreneurs to make sure that your content marketing, video marketing, and social media marketing are where they should be—on top! By offering workshops and services on each category, Marcus and The Sales Lion works with people to make sure that they’re getting the best out of their content marketing by expanding their thoughts and teaching the best and most successful ways to really harness the power of content.

31: Glen Gilmore


Website | Twitter

Named one of the top social media marketing influencers by Forbes, Glen Gilmore is easily one of the best content marketing experts in the realm of digital marketing. As a digital marketing strategist, Glen has worked with some of the top Fortune 500 brands to build their brand management, digital marketing, communication strategies, and online communities to harness and foster strong relationships within the digital marketing community.

As an attorney, Glen has written a book on how the world of social media marketing and the law collide, titled Social Media Law for Business. With his expertise, Glen coaches and guides clients towards digital marketing success with some of the top strategies he’s learned throughout his years of working with the best brands across the board. As a keynote speaker, Glen also travels around the world to share his stories and expertise with a willing and interested audience, spreading the wealth of knowledge about the best content marketing strategies that he knows are proven to bring successful results!

32: Carolyn Frith

Carolyn Frith

Website | Twitter

By starting her own company in 2010 after spending too much time sitting in a cubicle, Carolyn Frith found that her love and passion for writing could be made into a career with marketing! By using her dedication for what she loves to do best in a way that helps others with their digital marketing, Carolyn has easily become one of the best content marketing experts on the scene. With her knowledge and understanding of the world of writing, Carolyn and her marketing firm can help business owners and entrepreneurs alike with their content creation, curation, and promotion.

As a business owner, it’s hard to find time to write content when your schedule is already full of things that need to be attended to. That’s where Carolyn comes in—as a talented and experienced writer, Carolyn works through what you need, starting with personal research to make sure your audience will enjoy what she’s got in mind, and distribution of the content to ensure that it’s getting spread to the right people, through the best possible channels.

33: Ardath Albee

Ardath Albee

Website | Twitter

Ardath Albee started her own marketing company, Marketing Interactions, Inc., to help B2B companies create digital marketing strategies that engage customers in the sales process, therefore promoting growth and profit with top-of-the-line marketing! By using what she calls “The Continuum Experience,” Ardath promises results-oriented marketing with using programs that require a well thought out and well-designed strategy. Thinking about every aspect of what you’re trying to accomplish with your strategy makes putting your thoughts into action easier, and Ardath is part of that equation.

With the focus on the customers and the buyer persona, before your digital marketing is even put into action, Ardath and her team of marketing experts can make sure that what you’re writing and what you’re sharing is resonating with your audience. With those insights established in the “before” stage, rather than the “after,” you can create an empowering message from the get-go, and create content marketing strategies that drive momentum and produce more sales opportunities!

34: Kohlben Vodden

Kohlben Vodden

Website | Twitter

Science has a place in marketing and using it for more than just data collection and consumption makes for a better overall marketing experience. Kohlben Vodden is the leader of this scientific movement, and with his company—Story Science—Kohlben is changing the way digital marketing words, making him not only one of the best content marketing experts but one of the most innovative people in the online marketing scene!

The pioneers of a new, strategic agency that exists to solve your business-related challenges, Kohlben and his team at Story Science focus on outsmarting the competition, rather than outspending them. By launching with a base of passion rather than monetization, Kohlben uses unique, science-led models to perfect the process of intelligent branding, advertising, and customer experiences that keep you ahead of the game.

35: Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen

Website | Twitter

Creator and founder of the Actionable Marketing Guide, Heidi Cohen has spent years curating her blog with a multitude of ideas, strategies, and techniques to improve your overall marketing experience. With the online world constantly shifting, staying on top of the ways that digital marketing can swerve and curve is hard, especially when you’ve got enough on your plate already. Experienced marketers and first-timers are all welcome to Heidi’s guide, and that’s what makes her one of the best content marketing experts in the field.

With a focus on things that are “actionable,” Heidi gives you the best tips and tricks on how to succeed by completing tasks that are just that, actionable. Putting your words to good use and getting the results you want don’t come your way if you don’t do anything about it, and giving people a place to start that delivers real results is important when it comes to the world of digital marketing and content marketing. With her years of knowledge rooted in cutting-edge marketing strategies, Heidi can provide top quality marketing information that’ll help you improve your overall business.

36: Andy Crestodina

Andy Crestodina

Website | Twitter

For the past 18 years, Andy Crestodina has been working with the web design and marketing field helping people across the country with digital marketing and getting online results that go the distance. An evangelist for content marketing and digital marketing, it’s easy to see why Andy is one of the best content marketing experts in the game. It’s stated that he’s given some of the best digital marketing advice in the game, and with his team at Orbit Media, Andy has reached out and helped businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs alike with their digital and content marketing.

In addition to working closely with businesses to enhance their content marketing, Andy is also a keynote speaker! Invited to conferences around the country, Andy gives his best tips and tricks in the world of content marketing and speaks on the multiple important channels that come with a successful content marketing strategy. By focusing on helping people get better results from the websites they’ve already created instead of making more, Andy works to promote growth from within with content you make yourself.

37: Arnie Kuenn

Arnie Kuenn

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The CEO of Vertical Measures, Arnie Kuenn is an author, keynote speaker, and one of the best content marketing experts in the digital marketing field. Working with people through his own company, as well as teaching courses through the Content Marketing Institute, Arnie has had a foot in the world of digital marketing for over 25 years! Arnie works with his team at Vertical Measures to focus on steady growth with the end goal of driving online results that you can believe and trust in.

With a team of nearly 50 experts in a range of digital marketing fields—designers, marketers, SEO experts, analysts, and more—Arnie and Vertical Measures have a passion to transform business with their hard work. From working to increase sales to boosting your awareness online, their content marketing strategies are proven to go the distance. So long as you commit to what you’re doing, they’ll help you every step of the way.

38: Erika Heald

Erika Heald

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With over 20 years of digital marketing experience, Erika Heald is among the best content marketing experts! Starting with community building with B2B and B2C environments, Erika has climbed her way up the digital marketing ladder and has since worked with some of the top brands in the world! Her hands-on marketing experience gives people the chance to get in on the action before it happens and works with the client to improve their content marketing from the very beginning.

In addition to the work she does with content marketing and helping businesses grow, Erika is also the host of Content Chat! A weekly Twitter session that brings together content creators, Content Chat is a way for people who work in the content marketing industry to collaborate, share their thoughts and ideas, and work to make sure that everyone is up to date on the latest tips and trends when it comes to content creation and content curation. A content marketing consultant who’s seen some of the best, there’s no doubt that Erika is an expert at what she does.

39: Ian Cleary

Ian Cleary

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Ian Cleary is the founder of RazorSocial, one of the best online marketing services that cater exclusively to business owners who need a little help with their content marketing and social media marketing. With years of experience working with some of the most well-known brands in the world, Ian has been sharing the best strategies that he’s learned over the years that revolve around the most efficient ways to get yourself out there in the world of social media marketing, making him one of the best content marketing experts there is.

Ian’s aim with RazorSocial relies entirely on helping businesses improve their digital marketing and online strategies. With a heavy focus on producing and creating content that’s valuable, educational, and easily shared across all forms of social media to your target audience of customers new and old, Ian builds strong relationships and foundations for your business to grow on, and to prosper from!

40: Doug Kessler

Doug Kessler

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The creative director at Velocity Partners, Doug Kessler is a content marketing fanatic! With a passion for copywriting and blogging, Doug is certainly one of the best content marketing experts on the scene, and the work he does with his company goes to show it! Velocity Partners focuses mainly on bringing a better sense of content marketing for B2B marketers and businesses, and by providing fast and quick results they can ensure that you never miss a window of opportunity again!

When collaborating with Doug, you can expect him to not only find the hidden gems that reside within your company but also help you compile the most compelling things that you already know about into an amazing piece of shareable and valuable content! Working with what you already know provides an amazing foundation for first-time content marketers, and making sure that your target audiences are engaging before you try something you’re not ready for ensures that the client base you’ve already accumulated is going to stick around.

The Best Content Marketing Experts: Work Together To Find Growth

And… that’s all she wrote! I know—at a first glance, it’s a lot to take in. However, these people are the best of the best when it comes to content marketing, social media marketing, and growth for your business based on your online presence. The best social media marketing experts are those who want to work with their clients, not against them, and people who choose quality over quantity. Content reflects what we want to share with our audience, and how we think we can help them with not only the experience we’ve gathered through our years as digital marketers, but the information they know will help you expand, succeed, and find the results that you’ve been looking for all along.

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