Keyword Research

What exactly is your customer looking for? Doing a little bit of keyword research on what your intended audience is using when searching for your product or service is crucial, not only for carrying out a Search Engine Optimization campaign, but also for content creation. You may think you know, but you’d be surprised how often what you think people are searching for and what they are actually searching for are different things.

Let’s say, for example, that I am a chiropractor, and so I want to target people looking for Keyword Reserch “chiropractic services”. But what if people are actually searching “back-pain” looking for some kind of relief?  It may not seem like a big deal, but a small change like that can help you target your prospective customers more effectively. Any money that you spend on search-engine or social-media advertising is going to be more targeted, and any content that you create can be tailored to use these keywords and phrases that people are using. If somebody is searching for what to do about their back-pain, and they see a Facebook ad talking about “chiropractic services”, they might think, “oh, I should see if that place can help my back.” But, if they see a Facebook ad talking about “back-pain”, then they are going to think “that is EXACTLY what I have been looking for!”

The good news is, Google WANTS you to know the perfect keywords, so they are going to go ahead and help you out here. (Didn’t know that you had a multi-billion dollar company just sitting around waiting to help you, did you?).

Head over to the Google Keyword Planner here:, and type in the keywords you THINK folks are going to be using. Google will let you know how many people a month are looking for that word or phrase, and will suggest some other words or phrase that are similar and how many people are searching for that!

Google Insights (located here: tells you even MORE about these keywords, like how they were trending in the search for the past few years. After all, it would stink to focus on the keywords “back-pain” because you saw a HUGE amount of people searched for it last month, not realizing that Taylor Swift’s new song was called “Back-Pain.”

Take a little time with these tools and you’ll be on your way to higher, more relevant search engine results.