Email Marketing has nothing to do with Spam… unless you’re Hormel

What Is Email Marketing?

What do you think of when I ask ” What Is Email Marketing?” If you’re like a lot of people, you think of the emails that are sent out in bulk to as many people as possible, the vast majority of which get filtered out by the user’s spam filter. But spamming is for Nigerian Princes who are in need of money, email marketing is for professionals who have honed in on their market with laser precision. Find out more in today’s #WhatIsWednesday.


If you were to ask me the metric I use to judge my clients’ success, it would be the size of their email list. It’s money in the bank, but so many people write it off as something that a reputable organization won’t do. Yesterday a client and I had an discussion about getting started with email marketing, which she was dead set against it. “My inbox is to full… it’s so annoying getting all of these emails and I don’t want to be the one sending them.” I understand where she is coming from, as I get more emails in a day then I can handle. What Is Email Marketing Nothing irritates me more then when I’m trying to sweep my inbox clean, only to come across an e-mail from some organization that I never gave permission to contact me! However, there are businesses that I have signed up to get their e-mails, and with several of them, I look forward to their e-mails. Some give me great information, some let me know of sales that I would have missed out on. Some just remind me, “oh yeah… I DO need to buy that!” If you build your list with people who are interested to hear from/about you, then your emails are not annoying them, you are offering your continued service, and that is where email marketing is most effective. After a bit of convincing, I was finally able to change my client’s perception of e-mail marketing.

There are 3 main types of email marketing.

Auto Responder Campaigns (A/R Campaigns)
Auto responder campaigns are a series of emails that are sent to each individual who has signed up for your offer. For example, when people sign up for my 3 Free White Papers on how to generate more traffic and leads, they are entered into my email program and over the process of 2 weeks, I feed them more valuable information on how to generate more traffic and leads for their small business. At the end of the auto responder campaign, I tell them I will be signing them up for my weekly email that will continue to give them even more useful information on traffic and lead generation.

Newsletter Campaigns
Newsletter campaigns are campaigns that are sent out to your email subscribers on a consistent basis. This may be daily, weekly or even bi-monthly. These types of campaigns will detail any useful articles, product information or sales that you want to advertise. For example, Old Navy sends out a newsletter campaign weekly with some sales information and then randomly will send me a newsletter about sales they may have. A service based business, like a dentist, might send out a weekly email with a client success story, an article about the importance of getting your teeth cleaned and a reminder to make an appointment. These campaigns are important because they continually remind the recipients that you exist and when they are ready to buy, they will most likely come to you.

Other Peoples Email Marketing Campaigns
This one is self explanatory, there are lots of ways to be featured in someone else’s email marketing campaign. Sometimes you will pay the sender and sometimes you can just earn your place in their campaign. Maybe you wrote an awesome article that they want to feature or you have complementary service. Being featured in someone else’s email campaign can increase your website traffic and can help you land some new clients.

Try implementing one or all of these types of campaigns and let email marketing start working some magic for you. Stop stressing on if you are bothering people with your emails. If you have gotten your opt-ins the right way these types of email campaigns will start generating more traffic and leads today, because you have a direct line to the people who have specifically said they are interested in you!

Did I change your paradigm of email marketing yet?  Are you still thinking of spammers when I ask, “What Is Email Marketing?”