Use Quizzes in Your Lead Generation Strategies and Double Your Traffic

Social media is slowly but surely becoming one of the best ways to generate leads and interest for business across the world, which is why it’s so often an integral part of our lead generation strategies. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, or the ever popular Facebook, the way we receive our information and reach out to a broader audience is changing, as things do in a fast paced business environment. While various social media sites have notable features that people already take advantage of, such as the Facebook ads campaign and analytics, there’s new ways for you to get the traffic that you’re looking for, and it comes from a place you might not expect—online quizzes.

That’s right! I’m sure you’ve seen them before on your Facebook timeline or Twitter feed—the sort of things that pop up and ask you “What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About You?”, or “What’s Your Personality Type?”. They help us pass the time when we’ve got a moment to spare and some curiosity to cure, and though it seems like these two worlds don’t exactly crossover, Josh Haynam says otherwise. Josh gave us a truck load of amazing new ways for lead generation strategies with the way his company, Interact, works, as well as experience in the field.

Use Quizzes in Your Lead Generation Strategies and Double Your Traffic

Lead Generation Strategies and The CLICK Technique

Of course, before we can get into the nitty gritty, we have to talk about The CLICK Technique. The CLICK Technique is an easy, five day program that I’ve set up (and offer for free!) to help you improve your business beginnings, and the way you operate. Each letter in the word “CLICK” stands for a key component that you’ll need when starting up a new project, and each step together has shown us proven results time and time again.

In terms of these facebook quizzes, the letter we’re focusing on is “I” for irresistible offer. Once you’ve settled in and gotten the pull from your target audience, you need something that’ll keep them around. You want to get their information, secure the deal, and hopefully keep potential customers around.

That’s where an irresistible offer comes in. By giving them the chance to get in on something they can’t get anywhere else, you’re ahead of the competition! Being two steps ahead and staying ahead is a key component to making yourself and your business truly individual.

As previously stated, social media is becoming one of the best ways to get your name and your brand out there. With ways to find specific audiences that are interested in exactly what you’re offering, it’s a no-brainer why the largest social media sites are the best place for you to generate the leads and traffic you’re looking for. Plus, the quiz results are the hook you’re looking for when it comes to an irresistible offer—going through the process is half the fun, but learning your results is what people really want, and exchanging an e-mail in order to get to the end result gives you what you’re looking for, as well as then.

Just ask Josh Haynam, CEO of the company Interact, which is designed to help business owners build these quizzes from the ground up. Interact saves you time by constructing a quiz that’s exactly what you’re looking for and doing so seamlessly by fitting it onto your webpage with the perfect amount of blending. In his interview, he gives us the rundown on how these quizzes work, and how lead generation strategies can really benefit from the use of something so popular.

How Online Quizzes Help Generate Traffic

Use “Interact” To Get Successful Lead Generation Strategies

Interact is a website that specializes in creating the quizzes we tend to see smattered all over our social media pages and feeds. Usually they come from a variety of sources (Buzzfeed is very popular for this sort of thing), and they’re constantly shared and promoted across a variety of social media channels. To make it work for a business, all you’ve got to do is make the quiz focus on the things you’re trying to sell and promote—i.e., “What Kind Of Business Style Suits You?” or “What’s Your Brand Aesthetic?”.

Once the quiz is created and launched—whether it be on Facebook or on your website—the link can track people as they go through the questions, and the fun interface that a quiz has to offer hooks people in through a different way that some could be used to. From there, the end of the quiz will allow you to opt into whatever the business or brand is promoting, and one click takes them from the quiz to your technological front door: your e-mail marketing program.

The outcome of the quizzes, and what people end up with, can also help you sort out the leads you’re getting, and seeing what people are ending up with can help you personalize your content to cater to the audience you’re gaining from these quizzes.

For example, let’s look at an instance that Josh himself helped procure for a client: a business coach, the quiz would have a title along the lines of “What Is Your Business Personality?”. Once the quiz launched, they generated over 60,000 leads in the first week! Of course, when things go viral, there can be an unusual spike in activity, but with that said, another client of Josh’s used this technique and still raked in 1,500 leads in just one week. A true success story, if you ask me.

Be Creative And Innovative With Your Content

One of the biggest issues people can face in this sort of situation is writer’s block. Being creative and innovative can be draining, and no one wants to stall the creation process because of writer’s block. So, instead, we follow through with Josh’s advice, and what Interact can provide to avoid these pitfalls.

Maybe most importantly, Josh stresses that you do not write your own quizzes. Though it may seem inauthentic to pass the task off to someone else’s hands, writing your own quiz can not only take a lot of time, but if you’re new to the medium? It’s completely foreign territory.

Interact offers a multitude of quiz templates sorted by industry where you can find pre-built quizzes that’ll fit into whatever it is you’re looking for. With a click of a button, you can edit the quiz to your liking and easily connect the quiz to your e-mail marketing system, making the process of keeping tabs insanely easy and hassle free.

For those who seek a more hands on approach, Interact does offer a course on how to build and create your own quizzes. With years of research under their belts, it’s not doubt that Interact knows all the key points and the “nitty gritty” about making things as successful as possible. You want to make sure that, at the core of things, you’re generating the traffic you want out of a new and different medium. The course has a step-by-step program that’ll give you all the need to know information about what you’ll need to include, and how to approach your leads beyond the quiz taking, too.

The Two Ways To Achieve Success With Quizzes

After you’ve created the quiz, surely you need to find a way to make the launch just as successful as the content. Josh suggests two separate ways to achieve the best possible results for your business.

Put The Quiz On Your Website

Putting the quiz directly onto your webpage assures that it’ll be seen by people who have already visited, or who are visiting for the first time. Either as a navigational link, or as a pop-up, the quiz will be front and center, and linking to the quiz that’s already on your site guarantees that the traffic stays on your page. On average, Josh says, this technique doubles your inbound lead generation due to the appealing nature of the quiz itself.

Promote The Quiz As A Facebook Ad

A similar process to embedding it on your website, you can also install the quiz onto your Facebook page. With the easy-to-use installation method that Interact has to offer, you can style your entire quiz into a Facebook ad, and people can use and complete the quiz with ease within the ad. The redirect at the end then sends the user to your web page, giving you the leads you’ve been looking for. Josh says, on average, you can cut the cost of your ads in half on Facebook by switching out regular advertisements with quizzes. If you ask me, that’s a deal worth taking.

Make Sure To Have Fun!

It might seem cliche, but I encourage you to remember that quizzes, at the heart of it all, are about having fun! People choose to take them because of the interactive medium and what they can offer us. Though the point of creating these quizzes using the ever expanding template resources found at Interact, the thought of creating one shouldn’t be a source of stress. If the reader can tell you enjoyed yourself while creating the content, they’ll be be able to tell and, as a result, be more eager and willing to work with you. A happy client makes the world go ‘round, as they say.

Make sure to check out Josh’s company, Interact, for further information on what exactly their quizzes can offer you, and—in general—why quizzes are climbing up the ladder of ways to get lead generation strategies, as well as successful traffic that increases in just a week with a little help from creativity and frivolity. Remember—work can be fun, just don’t forget the elbow grease that goes into a successful launch, and you’ll be on your way.