Tiny URLs – Ohhhhh Aren’t They Adorable?

I have been packing up all of my possessions as I prepare to move, and let me tell you, I have way too much clutter! I really wish I had the power to take all of my junk and shrink it down to a more manageable size. Well, if you have a long URL (website address) you want to share with people, you do have that power! Find out how to use it in today’s #whatiswednesday

URL shortening services take ridiculously long website addresses and shrink them down to a more manageable size.

For example:

https://goo.gl/ or https://bitly.com/ are two such websites that provide this service. Not only that, they will give you cool stats about the clicks these baby tiny URLs have received.

Two quick notes about these baby tiny URLs

1. Twitter will shorten links for you automatically. They know you need to reserve your 140 characters for something more entertaining.

2. Spammers LOVE link shorteners (along with everything else legit marketers love) so there can be an air of mistrust about them. Depending on who your intended audience is, it can make then hesitant to click, so it’s wise to watch the stats to see if your users shy away from clicking on these adorable baby links.

Tiny Urls