How to Sell Coaching on Social Media: Steps You Can Take Today

How to Sell Coaching Programs on Social Media


With Covid and the recent Facebook Ads iOS updates, getting clients for your online coaching business is harder than ever. I’m here to teach you how to sell coaching on social media- it’s easier than you think!

Ask yourself now and consider: are you selling your coaching programs well on social media? I’m sure you’ll answer me with a simple “yes”…

But I’m here to tell you that there’s probably a better way of getting the results you want.

I’m going to teach you what you might be doing wrong, as well as my tried and true method to get you that six-figure launch that you’re hoping for. Let’s dive in!


Using Social Media for Coaches Marketing

If you’re struggling with selling your coaching programs with ads, social media, SEO, or getting more people to know of you and want to work with you… selling your coaching programs on social media is the best way to go.

Problem is, most people do it wrong

They post boring quotes or boring repurposed information to sell their coaching programs on social media that no one wants to read or interact with. Does this sound familiar?

I get it, we’re all busy people. It is easier more often than not to rehash the same image or nicely rendered quote. But your dedication to posting your presence or business on your social media doesn’t have to be such a slog!

When you sell coaching programs on social media the right way… content is easy, customers come to you, and you build an engaged following effortlessly. Trust me when I say, it will feel easy with just a few alterations to your existing content.

Before I realized how to sell my coaching programs on social media, I struggled with a lot of different aspects of it. I found it difficult to know how to:

  • Not give away all my good stuff for free
  • Find the time to post creative content
  • Know what to authentically post without being some weird version of myself
  •  Not be freakin’ irritating to my subscribers by feeling like I’M ALWAYS SELLING
  •  How to actually make SALES on social media #movetheneedle!

Sound familiar to you?

After years and years of half-heartedly posting content, I finally found a social media strategy that works. Let me tell you now- I know you’re dying to know.

You could also check out this video called Sell Coaching Programs on Social Media and I’ll give you the goods on how to do it effortlessly and easily!


Social Media for Coaches: Investing in Your Social Media Presence

Social media isn’t something that you can simply set and forget anymore, especially if you want your business to grow. Taking the time to invest in your online presence is what will make your business take off!

But what the heck does investing in your social media presence and coaching program even look like, especially if you want to do so in an effective and efficient way?

Sure, you can post daily (even multiple times a day). You can tell the same followers the same things over and over again until they get bored and wonder why they are following you in the first place.

But you can see how this obviously isn’t gonna help you in the long run!

So what can you do to keep people present, let alone how can you get them to invest in your business?

It can be devastating to post about your upcoming coaching program or launch and just see a faint trickle of people engaging. That little drip, drip, drip of subscribers or interest is disheartening… let alone the sound of crickets when you post something and no one even cares!

What’s one of my favorite ways of growing my social media engagement? How am I dropping information about my online coaching business (without sounding too desperate or annoying)?

I use a little thing I like to call seeding.

It doesn’t take much to sow some seeds on your social media profiles. It’s a technique I love to utilize when I’m launching a new program- because that’s when I need to sell my program the most!

Seeding takes the guesswork out of posting about your upcoming course or coaching program. And it can make you sound more personable, human, and not like you’re just some robot who’s trying to sell the same course month after month!

But what exactly is seeding, and how can you make this method do the work for you?

I’m so glad you asked.


What is Seeding and How Can it Help Your Social Media?

Seeding has a few different meanings in terms of social media and brand promotion. You can use this phrase to refer to your overall presence across multiple platforms as well as email engagement with clients. Or it can mean engagement and promotion on a much smaller scale…

I like to think of it as planting seeds in the minds of your followers, but doing so in a subtle way. We all get tired of seeing someone claim that they are an expert day after day, especially if this person is posting it in tandem with their course!

Seeding allows you to promote your coaching program or launch without sounding like an arrogant so-and-so. It will put your product, course, whatever into people’s minds without you needing to inflate your ego too much.

Sounds complicated, right? The art of subtlety can be one of the hardest concepts to grasp, especially when all you want is for people to notice your business and what you are posting!

Shouting doesn’t work. You know this, I know this. That’s why going subtle is the way to go- you’ve gotta sow those seeds before you can reap the benefits.

But what are some quick and easy ways to get seeding? How can you alter your social media presence in order to get the results you want?

I’ve got three for you right now.


My Three Tips for Sowing Those Seeds

Have you ever taken a look at your social media pages and presence through the eyes of a potential customer? It takes some imagination, but try to separate yourself from your work- take a look at your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter objectively.

Ask yourself a few simple questions: would I spend time on this social media page? Would I buy something after looking at this post or site?

The answer is usually no.

There is a time to sell your online coaching business- but you can’t be actively promoting every second of every day, no matter how much you want to. So what can you do to let people know you have something new to offer without shoving it into their faces?

This is where seeding comes into play. It all boils down to casual mentioning. Use an Instagram reel, a quick Tweet about how excited you are for what’s coming soon. The more casual name-dropping or mentionings you can do, the better it is.

But what else looks casual?

1. Show Your Work

Show Your Work

One of my favorite posts to make when I’ve got a launch coming up is a simple photo of my prepwork. I’m a huge notecard fan- pen and paper aren’t dead yet! I’ll snap a quick pic of my notecard with all my silly little notes on it and post it to Instagram, Facebook- wherever.

By showing your prep, you’re showing people that you take the course and your upcoming launch seriously. And you accomplish this without some bold statement about how you’re the “number one expert in such and such”.

Include some information about your launch or coaching program in the post- but not too much information. Always cut the post down so that you’re not overwhelming them. Online launches have too much content and can easily overwhelm potential clients!

All you need to do is let new followers know that you are prepared to welcome them. You are capable, confident, and ready to go- all with a simple image of a notecard.

2. Watch Your Confidence (But Show that You’re Capable)

Watch Your Confidence

Speaking of confidence, don’t get too cocky! Monitor your confidence. You don’t need to say you’re the number one resource for online coaches. This can be a huge turn-off for newcomers or even existing followers. Admitting that you’re human is marketable!

Instead of claiming that you’re the best, say you’re hosting an AMA (ask me anything) or a Livestream and that you can answer anyone’s questions. It will seed your authority and confidence, rather than just claiming you’re number one without any proof.

I know, I know- a live video where people can ask you questions can be scary. You may not feel confident or ready to do this. But let me tell you that this is one of the best and simplest ways to earn the trust that you need to sell your product or program.

3. Tell a Story

Tell Your Story As A Coach

Everyone loves a good story, right? Not just a success story or an origin story- any story is enough to get people engaged. So how can you tell a story on social media that will also establish you as someone people want to trust and learn from?

Anyone with an online business knows how important client testimonials are. There can be nothing more valuable than receiving feedback from someone you’ve helped in their own words.

Sure, you can slap a screencap of an email from a grateful client on your Instagram. But we’ve all seen that. We all know how those go, and they can seem like you’re bragging. Especially if you post it totally out of the blue!

Tell people about your client’s success- but with a personal story of their progress. Wrap your client testimonials up in a story- I guarantee you that you will have more engagement and better results.

Humans love storytelling- make a post detailing your client’s journey, how specifically you helped them, then end with a client testimonial in their own words. While it may be a subtle change, it can make all the difference.

Remember, we’re all about being subtle these days. Even though it may take some time, changing your social media posts in these ways can bring you the results that you’re looking for.


Get Social and Get the Results You Want!

This is your guide for how to sell coaching programs on social media- in a way that makes you relatable, accessible, and, most importantly, not super annoying! Need more help growing your coaching program or online business? Get in touch with me.

Have you practiced seeding in your own business and social media accounts? What are some of your top tips and tricks for getting your audience engaged without overwhelming them? Sound off in the comments!