New Tips on How To Get Clients As A Life Coach

The budding business of coaching and consulting is quickly on the rise, but the question still remains: how do we effectively gain a market as a coach? More importantly, how do we get clients as a life coach? Online marketing works in many ways, but the advertisement process is done differently for a singular person as opposed to a small or large business. Making sure we reach our specific target audience is important when trying to build a name for ourselves.

Luckily, that’s where Justin Devonshire comes in. The owner of the amazing Expert-Business blog, Justin helps coaches, consultants, and experts build a business around their expertise as well as helping them get a better lifestyle, scale-up, and attract a bigger audience to gain consistent leads and sales. Furthermore, he gives us the best tips on how to get clients as a life coach and shares what you can do to make sure the content you’re making suits your needs. Let’s get started!

How To Get Clients As A Life Coach

The CLICK Technique and How To Get Clients As A Life Coach: “C” for “Cultivate”

Before we can get into Justin’s tip and advice on how to get clients as a life coach, however, we have to discuss The CLICK Technique! A five-day system that I’ve invented, The CLICK Technique is a step by step process that allows business owners to make sure that they’re doing what they should in order to gain traffic and leads. Each letter in the word “CLICK” stands for a different step one should be taking when it comes to online marketing, and when put together, these steps will give you amazing results guaranteed! It’s free, too, so make sure you check it out!

For this particular discussion, we’ll be focusing on the second “C” in the word “CLICK”, which stands for cultivate. After you’ve done your advertising and are starting to reign in new customers and a bigger audience, you’ve to make sure that you’re working towards keeping them around. Building up strong relationships with the people you’re aiming to do business with is extremely important in making sure that they remain your customer afterward! You’ve got to cultivate and nurture that relationship to make sure that you’ve got something substantial on your hands.

With that in mind, the question of how to get clients as a life coach becomes a little easier to answer! When you’ve got such a large audience to target, you’ve got to make sure that the content you’re creating is speaking right to them. Once you’ve started the conversations and reached the point of offering an opt-in, continually building those relationships is the thing that’ll set you apart from the rest. The coaching business is a relationship building game, after all, and those who take on relationship building right from the start are the ones who get ahead first.

How To Get Clients As A Life Coach: The Best Tips and Tricks

Now that we know what kind of foundation we’re building on, how to get clients as a life coach becomes a little easier to break down. The consulting and coaching industry itself has grown extremely quickly, and though it’s booming at a rapid rate, it’s still slightly immature. Of the marketing that exists, coaching and consulting seem to be the last business to tap into what’s currently working in marketing.

So how to get clients as a life coach starts with changing the mindset and perspective around what you can do. The quicker these coaches adapt, the sooner start seeing real differences, and we’ve got just the tips you need in order to climb the ladder of success.

Content Marketing: How To Do It Effectively

We can say with confidence that the most effective route on how to get clients as a life coach and how to get more traffic and leads lies in content marketing. With the business constantly growing, the competition grows bigger and stronger every day. The only way to stand out among the crowd is to not pummel people with advertisements and instead focus more on relationship building. Publishing and curating content that demonstrates your expertise instead of trying to tell people that you’re the best might not be the fastest way to do something, but it’s the most effective, and soon the only way, to do it unless you’ve got a big advertising budget.

Trust us—those who take relationship building seriously are going to get a leg up on everyone else. On top of that, the content you share should be based around a medium that you excel at. Whether it be through video, audio, or writing, focusing on what works best for you is a guaranteed way to find success when you try to reach out and grow your business. The question of how to get clients as a life coach entirely depends on what you can do to reach said clients in the first place.

Repurposing Content and Using Social Media To Spread Your Message

Once you’ve created your specific content, you can work on repurposing it in different ways, allowing you to then branch out across other forms of online marketing—for example, turning a podcast into a blog post or turning a YouTube video into a podcast! The possibilities are endless.

The more you repurpose, the larger your audience grows. A big mistake people tend to make with their content revolves around the time spent making the content versus the time spent promoting said content. It’s better to have one piece of outstanding content that’s been seen by a larger amount of people rather than a lot of posts that haven’t reached the same demographic.

From there, you can set up an efficient paid advertisement system for the content that’s extremely stellar, giving you a direct route to connect with your audience and the answer to how to get clients as a life coach. Social media rewards frequency, and with that in mind, you’ll want your content to be showing up as often as you can. Those people are going to get more rankings according to algorithms, and the lack of frequency might end up punishing you in the end. So long as the quality of the content and the frequency at which the content is published are on the same level—something repurposing takes care of—you’ll find success!

How To Get Clients As A Life Coach: 3 Types Of Content To Curate

Overall, the biggest obstacles coaches and consultants run into after the content is curated revolves around having a call to action. Is the content leading the prospect anywhere? Most of the time, it’s not, and putting your content into context leads you towards what you’re supposed to do next. Based on “The Buyer’s Journey”—a popular psychology most business workers have heard and used— there are 3 different types of content you can use to build your next step and different levels of awareness. Depending on where they’re viewing, this content it will create the next step for you.

1: Awareness Content

The first is called “awareness content”. Content that falls into this category might be what goes out to your colder sources—a random Facebook page, or a YouTube video—but it could pass someone’s newsfeed. This content should be under 5 minutes consumption time. Since these people don’t know you that well yet, they won’t watch a long-form video yet if they don’t know you. Raise awareness of what the real issue is for them and what they’re struggling with. By letting them know there is a solution, and by offering them a quick tip, you’re leading them towards the next step.

2: Information Content

What follows next is “information content”. When the potential customer wants to learn more and expand on it, take the information piece (5-10 minutes consumption time) and give them tips on where to make the content that’ll give them the traffic and sales they’re looking for. Whether it be through an email opt-in or a Facebook group, the key is leading them somewhere they have to subscribe in order to get the information directly from you, as opposed to somewhere else. From there, you can successfully move onto the next—and final!—step on how to get more clients as a life coach.

3: Action Content

Last on the list is what we call “action content”. This is the part where you close the sale! This could include long-form content, such as webinars, live streams, extended podcasts, and sometimes a long sales page. This content should be 15 plus minutes consumption time and should talk a lot more specific about the product and taking action. After receiving all possible information on what you can do for them, what your product is specifically, and how you can help with the issues they’re having, these potential clients can and will be ready to buy or consult with you from that point on.

How To Get More Clients As A Life Coach: The Most Effective Tips That’ll Work For You

In the end, the question of how to get more clients as a life coach heavily relies on your ability to build and grow relationships with potential clients, as well as creating and curating your own content. Trust us, this success won’t happen overnight; getting good at creating your content and understanding your audience can take months to perfect. What’s imperative to remember is the fact that you need eyeballs more than you need 25,000 articles. If you have a large audience, you can send them content and be present for them more often, and through there, you can make more deals.

How you obtain your audience is a choice you can make. You can build your own email list, though the process is slow and won’t give you the immediate results I’m sure you’re looking for. Paying for advertisement is a lot more affordable now than it used to be, and it’s easier to target the audience you’re specifically looking for! Promoting your content is a surefire way to reach a larger demographic as well, giving you a chance to earn more followers, and more feedback.

So long as you’re willing to put in the work and reach out to potential clients in order to cultivate a lasting relationship, how to get more clients as a life coach can be easy—and extremely fulfilling!—process. Stay dedicated, work hard, and you’ll find the results you’re looking for.