Nick Usborne: The Power Of AI In Copywriting


Today, I’m thrilled to welcome Nick Usborne as our guest. Our connection dates back to a previous podcast where we delved into conversational copywriting. Today, our focus shifts to the captivating realm of AI in copywriting.

Guest Introduction – Nick Usborne

Nick Usborne is a seasoned copywriter with over 40 years of experience. Since 1979, copywriting offline and then online, he has worked with dozens of major companies, including:

Citibank, Apple, Chrysler, Franklin Mint, TV Guide, Diners Club International, J. Paul Getty Trust,, Technogym, Encyclopedia Britannica, New York Times, Country Financial, Adorama, Reuters, WebEx, the U.S. Navy  and others.

He has spoken at numerous online marketing conferences and conducted in-house seminars and training sessions for many companies, including: Yahoo!, Intuit, Walt Disney Attractions, Association of American Publishers, Novartis Pharma, John Deere, National Cancer Institute, Merck & Co., Textron, and the Information Technology Media Advisory Council..

As a business consultant for online entrepreneurs, I deeply appreciate Nick’s commitment to connecting with the human side of his audience. His expertise in conversational copywriting and emotional intelligence has been transformative. Nick transitioned from corporate training to providing individual-focused courses and is now embracing AI, particularly ChatGPT, to accelerate his copywriting.

The Role Of AI In Copywriting: Key Takeaways

Evolution Of Copywriting:

We explore the evolution from hard-selling to conversational copywriting, emphasizing genuine connections with the audience.

Introduction To AI In Copywriting:

Nick spotlights ChatGPT as a game-changing AI tool, delving into its profound impact on transforming the copywriting landscape.

The Role Of AI In Copywriting:

Our conversation underscores that while AI enhances efficiency, it won’t replace emotional intelligence. We stress the importance of combining AI with emotional intelligence for impactful and authentic copy.

Adapting To Change:

Emphasizing the significance of adapting to technological changes, especially the rise of AI, I encourage fellow online business owners to embrace and learn about these tools to stay relevant.

Future-Proof Copywriting:

Nick shares insights on future-proofing copywriting by seamlessly integrating AI and emotional intelligence. We recognize the unique value humans bring – the ability to infuse emotion into content.

Example Of Human Touch:

Sharing a real-life example, we discuss the irreplaceable human touch, such as forgetting a friend’s name at a conference. We highlight how personal experiences and emotions add depth to copy that AI cannot replicate.

Empathy In Copywriting:

Nick and I identify emotional intelligence, specifically empathy, as a crucial element for creating a compelling and relatable copy. We emphasize the importance of maintaining a human touch in the age of AI.

Key Quotes

  • “AI plus emotional intelligence: that’s the future of copywriting.”
  • “It’ll be the death of the lazy copywriter.”
  • “Take AI and layer it with emotional intelligence.”

Resources Mentioned


In conclusion, I encourage everyone to stay ahead of the curve by embracing AI. A friendly reminder to focus on emotional intelligence to complement the capabilities of AI. Special thanks to Nick Usborne for sharing valuable insights on the intersection of AI and copywriting on The Millionaire Maker Show.

Nick Usborne: The Power Of AI In Copywriting​

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