Mastering Online Marketing- Ty Crandall Interviews Lindsey Anderson

Welcome to the business, credit and financing show at In this show, I was interviewed by Ty Crandall.

The reason why I’m not a billionaire yet always comes to having to turn away people. I have been an entrepreneur my whole life. Ever since I was a kid I used to run the babysitters club. I graduated from college and got a government job in a nuclear waste facility. It was super boring so I became an entrepreneur on the side for over 10 years in the web developing industry.

Well, with time, I asked myself what people really needed. I figured out that they needed traffic first then leads. In fact, they wanted these more than they needed the websites.

Many people out there think that all it takes for online marketing is having a website. But this is wrong as having a website doesn’t automatically guarantee that people will see it. Mastering online marketing is needed. You have to employ techniques to drive traffic to your website. For example, having an opt-in.

Make sure you have a high quality opt-in. It will attract leads from which you will create an email sequence.

These things take time. Your landing page, your Facebook page and what not, all these take time to perfect. When writing emails, give them a personal touch. Refrain from being too formal or corporate.

Another essential aspect of websites is videos. People are attracted to videos. You don’t even have to use a high-quality camera, you can simply use your smartphone.

Another paid method you can leverage on is Google ad words. It’s a form of pay per click utility. It can be complicated at times, but if done correctly, it could boost your traffic and leads immensely. You can get non-paid leads from LinkedIn.

Well, mastering online marketing is imperative for the success of your business. Your message has to be heard out there. Listen in to my interview with Ty Crandall on mastering online marketing here.

Mastering Online Marketing

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