JPGs, PNGs, GIF and BMP – Which One To Use Where?

I won’t waste your time expanding the acronyms or giving you the history. I’m just going to give you the answer.

Follow these general rules when using images on the web:

GIF – Use this guy if your image is animated.

JPG (JPEG) – Use this on the web or if you need a smaller file size and you are okay with a lack of quality. If you have images or photos on your website, this is the perfect place for a JPG. However, if you need a transparent background instead of a big white block, don’t use this.

PNG – Use these if you don’t care how big your file size is. PNG’s are used if you need quality and a transparent background. The logo on your website would be the perfect place for a PNG.

BMP – Don’t use this unless you’ve unexpectedly been sent back in time to 1995. Good quality bitmaps are too big, and most web browsers will not support them.

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