Inspiring Greatness – Shelly Rogers with One-click Lindsey

Everyone loves to hear how an entrepreneur endures. This what the Inspiring greatness podcast is all about.

I always believe that you are the sum of the five people you surround yourself with. I will share how you can leverage on landing pages and business process outsourcing for companies, how you can get more leads. I shared with Shelly Rogers on her Inspiring Greatness podcast on my personal experience.

During my ten years of running businesses, I have helped many small businesses reach their potential. I am a mother of three and I’ve worked in the online marketing industry for over a decade. My husband is a hardcore programmer. He creates custom programs and apps while I manage lead generation capture pages. We work hand in hand.

I Am A Big Fan of UpWork

I am a very big fan of Upwork, I have a fair number of overseas contractors. I outsource WordPress developers and Search Engine Optimization People. I would work hand in hand with someone who is eligible in SEO. I normally go up to Upwork and look at the number of hours the people have put in work. I have a special preference for people who are in the United States since I am also in the United States. I require a person to always follow instructions and that’s how I sieve those who are serious and those who are not. I normally pick out three contractors and see who of the three will emerge the best. Upwork has a good system of checking on accountability.

I used to work as a government contractor way back before I started out on web development. It was a struggle initially as everyone was apparently a web developer back then. It was just not the right time for us as a business. We had a fully-fledged office with employees but then we saw it fit to phase them out in order to increase efficiency. Most of them worked from home. The lesson from this is that it showed me how to reduce overhead and costs of operations. My business was about 7 years old when this change came.

The changes came with a lot of freedom and less stress for me and my family. If you want more insight into what I discussed with Shelly Rogers tune into the podcast episode. I truly hope it will inspire you to greatness!

Inspiring Greatness Podcast