42 Inspirational Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2024

42-Inspirational-Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2024

I have a feeling that 2024 is going to be a wild and prosperous year for entrepreneurs. Sure we have challenges, but the opportunity is everywhere, and it’s our time to take it! That being said, sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated in the face of struggle, people telling you no, and sometimes you just aren’t feeling it. So today, I wanted to highlight 42 inspirational entrepreneurs to watch in 2024 to spark your curiosity and check-in with other businesses!

When you take a look at other businesses, you aren’t just expanding your ideas and motivation, but you also have the chance to partner with other amazing entrepreneurs. I’m sure you’ve heard that old saying, two heads are better than one. Well, working with another small business or another entrepreneur can cut your work time and give you more options to reach success faster. So check out these businesses that I have personally browsed through and highly recommend.

1: Winning Credit Solutions

winning credit solutions

Kelly B. Hunter, the founder of Winning Credit Solutions, is a financial literacy educator, advocate, and Financial Freedom Strategist. Kelly is a mother, grandmother, cancer survivor, and widow, who has experienced, first-hand, both the joys and challenges of life. Through these challenges, Kelly has found her passion. She uses financial literacy to equip families with the education, tools, and resources required to live their BEST lives, pursue dreams once thought impossible, prepare, without fear, for the unexpected and build generational wealth.

2: CWiLL iNspire

cwill inspire

Christian Williams is an expert at facilitating the development of an inspiring vision into a workable plan. He has run multiple successful small businesses, a youth development program and led community and city-wide projects, and is currently the principal coach of CWiLL iNspire. Christian has spent countless hours and over twenty years studying the possibilities for human potential and continues to this day in his passion for personal development, peak performance, and spiritual growth.

3: Hoku Marketing

hoku marketing

Hoku Marketing is making a digital marketing person, one client at a time. They offer business listing solutions, digital advertising, reputation management, SEO solutions, social media management & tools, and website solutions. Whether you’re looking for more Twitter love or help to manage your videos, Hoku Marketing has got you covered!

4: Mariah Grey Coaching

mariah grey coaching

Wherever you are in your relationship journey, whether you are dating, in an open or committed relationship, or married, if you are not experiencing the deeply satisfying love of your dreams, Mariah Grey can help! Mariah turned around her romantic life after years of trying so hard to make someone love her, often tolerating terrible and even abusive treatment. Now she is finally able to start attracting the right kind of love, and she wants to help you do the same!

5: Lance Caron Coaching

lance coron coaching

Lance Caron Coaching helps busy professionals and entrepreneurs find confidence in who they are and what they see in the mirror instead of just what they do. Lance was by no means a jock in his youth; he suffered from an insecurity about being thin and decided to turn his physique around. He has been a fitness specialist for thirteen years, and it is his passion. If you enter in his program, he will help you permanently transform your body and reach your full potential.

6: The Eden Template

the eden template

David Maria has been an energetic intuitive all his life, yet for most of it, he didn’t truly know how to use his abilities until recently. The Eden Template started in 2018 when he began feeling an energetic pull to Africa in lucid dreams. The Eden Template is not just a template for the Garden of Eden on earth, it is the original soul template/blueprint, and it functions as the template for all creation, from flowers to galaxies.

7: GroNow

grownow marketing

When it comes to advertising your business on Facebook, there is a right way, and there is a wrong way. The key to successful advertising on Facebook is understanding why people use Facebook in the first place. At GroNow, they help companies understand how to create compelling and entertaining Facebook Ads they sell. They know Facebook Advertising because it’s all they do. By focusing only on Facebook Advertising, they’re able to help clients get extraordinary results.

8: Sillie Mugo Art

sillie mugo art

Sillie Mugo is a Kenyan abstract artist who spreads happiness one vibrant brushstroke at a time. Sillie has tried out the corporate lifestyle, and though she loved her job, she still felt incomplete. After a lot of hard work and learning the ins and outs of being a creative entrepreneur, within her first year, she was published and signed multiple licensing deals that allowed her art to be in national retailers like HomeGoods and Old Time Pottery.

9: Empowered Profit

At Empowered Profit, their mission to end money shame once and for all. They want you to feel empowered when you look at your numbers, and they will be there to help you make that happen. They help online entrepreneurs with their finances, and they value working on a very high level with clients to make sure they are taken care of at all times, having financial systems and forecasts ready at the drop of a hat. If you’re looking for support for your business so you can rest (or adventure) knowing that your money is in order, CEO Amy Bradbury and her team at Empowered Profit will be there to serve you.

10: Tomesia Ingram

tomesia ingram

Whether it’s helping you launch online courses, coaching programs, live events, or products and services both online and offline, Tomesia Ingram can help you become profitable quickly by launching the right way. She is a sales funnel and launch strategist, and she can help you go deeper with your funnel strategy. She can partner with you to take off the pressure and stress of building and launch your sales funnel, so you don’t have to!

11: West of Palm Creative

west palm creative

West of Palm Creative is a boutique design studio, specializing in creating high-performance websites and engaging brand visuals. If you’re ready to move forward with your project, you can send them an inquiry, and they will be in touch within one business day.

12: Woomanity


Woomanity is led my Allyn, a soul behaviorist, entrepreneur, and leadership facilitator. She works with leading entrepreneurs who have lost touch with themselves as they’re getting to the top of their game and need help figuring out their life mission. If you’re going in circles, feeling unbalanced, and focused on one-sided success, Woomanity can help you reconnect with your soul.

13: The Amazing Ronnie Baras

For over twenty years, internationally renowned hypnotist and mentalist Ronnie Baras has been traveling the world with his hypnotism and mentalism (“Illusions of the Mind”) shows. He integrates comedy into his hypnotism and mentalism routines to add flavor to a mesmerizing show.  Ronnie is a certified hypnotherapist and is an expert at working with the subconscious mind. He is a world-renowned hypnotist that specializes in entertainment without embarrassment. He performs ‘mentalism’ shows where he demonstrates the ability to ‘read minds’ in an entertaining fashion. Every show is a unique event. No two shows are ever the same. What is consistent, however, is top-quality entertainment with a massive dose of humor and fun. He is constantly reinventing his show – if you’ve seen him before, you need to see him again!

14: Lynn Bethel at Statement Style

lynn bethel

Designer Lynn Bethel has always loved the style, but she is also aware that the clothing industry is one of the most wasteful industries on the planet. Since fast fashion has such a shameful impact on the environment, Lynn decided that as a designer she would have to develop a method to minimize her impact as well. So she created Statement Style, an agency that helps women curate their own personal style in a way that is more environmentally friendly.

15: Forza Financial Counseling

forza financial counseling

At Forza Financial Counseling their mission is to make you strong, confident, successful, and happy! When it comes to your money, you should never settle for “just okay.” The advisors at Forza Financial want you to make sure you know that you are NOT bad with money and you are NOT stuck in a life lived paycheck to paycheck. WIth Forza your dreams, no matter how big, can become a reality.

16: Nina Cammann

Nina Cammann is a healthy living coach and the co-creator of the Well Body Blueprint, a plan for success for restoring the body to optimal health in a toxic world. She specializes in weight and health management starting with the gut! With Nina, you can stay on the winning side of your personal life and work life.

17: Duke & Co. Media

duke and co media At Duke & Co. Media, Amanda, the Chief Creative Officer, specializes in content creation, alternative digital marketing, and creative consulting. In her portfolio, you’ll find impressive examples of the photography, marketing, design, PR, and consulting she has done in the past. Amanda is passionate about whatever she can do to make your business grow.

18: Tru Flex Media

Tru Flex media

Meet Tara Gilmore, social media manager and owner of Tru Flex Media. If you’re having trouble managing your social media presence, Tara’s goal is to build the kind of relationship with your clients that you would build face to face. She specializes in creating high-quality posts that are aligned with the heart of your business.

19: Victoria Empowers

victoria empowers

As a certified life coach, Victoria commits to helping women to be their authentic selves and manifest their soul purpose through personalized tools and unwavering support. Her passion is motivating and inspiring women by helping them understand who they are and how powerful they are. She believes every woman should dream big and live beyond the norm without being held down by their “idealized” self. If you’re interested in coaching, check out her coaching service, Victoria Empowers!

20: Executive Prayer

executive prayer

Executive Prayer was founded by Seb Harris, a consultant who helps leaders, CEOs, pastors, and entrepreneurs hear God’s voice and establish the Kingdom in their organizations. If you want to join their pursuit of God’s Kingdom realm participating on earth or you’re feeling stuck and looking for an extra push for Heaven to invade your business or organization, Executive Prayer is here to help!

21: The Surprise Date Challenge

the surprise date challenge The Surprise Date Challenge was created to invoke creativity and inspiration in love and relationships by turning the commonplace into extraordinary. They are committed to sharing activities and events that ignite the spark, eliminate the mundane and add adventure, love, and purpose to relationships, whether they are new or 20 years strong. With them, couples will develop the best version of their relationships through connection, love, and passion.

22: The Accomplished Family

the accomplished family

The Accomplished Family, a family transformation coaching service, was founded by Taylor. Her goal is to help families that are struggling to function well together, with tips on achieving real goals like consistent and confident communication. Accomplished Family shares stories about all things relating to family, children, confidence, motivation, and more! Connect with Taylor to get your healthy dose of family transformation.

23: Lily Lune

Lily Lune is a holistic nutritionist and she is here to help you live a magical life through heightening your nutrition and your mind. She believes that every problem, personal and global, is a result of malnutrition and lack of connection. As a nutritionist, her mission is to support all people, especially single moms, to get out of the pandemic problem of poverty by taking their health and financial wellness into their own hands!

24: Rebecca Packard

rebecca packard

Rebecca Packard is an energy healer. An energy healing is a method of healing that manipulates the subtle energy systems of the body (or rather bodies) with the goal of ensuring the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of a person. She employs the Emotion Code and the Body code, which are modalities of holistic healing that target and release negative energy and trapped emotions using applied kinesiology and ancient Chinese methods.

25: Nix Your Limits

nix your limits

At Nix Your Limits, their Dollar Leadership Club is inspiring students to get the most out of school and go beyond “what’s always been done.” For a dollar a month, students are able to connect with other student leaders from across the nation, and will receive training resources and individual coaching to help them start developing the rights characteristics, habits, skills, and mindset to the get the results they are after!

26: Precious McKoy at SHIELD


Precious McKoy is a youth advocate, motivational speaker, trainer, and the Executive Director at SHIELD, a youth mentorship program. Her passion is to provide youth with the leadership development skills that they need to be successful in life by pursuing their personal goals and dreams.Her approach is to impact youth one decision at a time, to shape youths’ character and to guide them toward positive behaviors. Precious’ deepest passion is to help teens find their purpose in life by identifying their strengths and weaknesses and allowing them to grow and improve in character by equipping them with a plan, a task, and a path.

27: Melanie Monaco

melanie monaco

Melanie Monaco is a certified integrative nutrition expert, yoga and fitness instructor, and eating psychology coach. She helps women who have struggled with yo-yo dieting to freely eat the foods they enjoy, cultivate a body they love unconditionally, and develop lasting confidence.

28: Brigitte Nadeau

Brigitte Nadeau is a nutrition coach and clean eating chef who specializes in health for women. She offers tips, virtual cooking classes, small weekly healthy challenges, food product reviews, recipes, and support on her blog and in her private Facebook group, Make Health Your Wealth.

29: Almost Magical Marketing

almost magical marketing

Almost Magical Marketing is a marketing agency which strives to find the spark and tone of your voice and identity so you can finally show the world who you’ve always been. This team of relentless misfits is united by seven core values: integrity, positivity, fun, relentlessness, diversity, accountability, and commitment. If you’re feeling almost magical, partnering with this agency could be a beautiful thing.

30: Indira Pierrot

indira pierrot

Indira Pierrot helps women entrepreneurs who have a message that will shake the world but feel like they would rather not employ an aggressive or sleazy approach to sales. Indira is not fond of spamming or using “hope marketing,” so if you’re looking to level up, Indira can get you there!

31: Reign Makers Branding&Marketing

reign makers

Reign Makers Branding&Marketing helps coaches launch a six-figure coaching business through strategy and identity design. They help you with a step-by-step branding process designed to give you all of the tools necessary to launch your business and quickly get to that highly coveted six-figure profit. With this agency, you will drill down to figure out who you are best able to service, who most needs your services, and why they should choose you over anyone else. With your ideal client, they will help you design your entire brand and thrive.

32: New Wind Marketing

new wind marketing

Take your business to new heights with New Wind Marketing. They pride themselves on their small-town feel. They give you extra support your business needs to reach the vision you have for growth. Because the internet is a pretty crowded place, if you’re looking to achieve some amazing goals, it’s time to call in New Wind Marketing.

33: The Brand Loft

the brand loft

The Brand Loft is an online design studio focused on brand identity and website creation for creative women in business.⁣⁣ Courtney, the owner and designer, is an online entrepreneur herself who quit her 9-5 to follow her dream. She shares tips and encouragement for starting an online business, as well as original design work!

34: ECMG Creative Studios

ECMG creative studios

If you’re tired of cookie-cutter solutions to branding, look no further than ECMG Creative Studios. This collection of brand creatives is fully focused and committed to creating unique works of art that capture and communicate the personality of each and every client they work with. They create brand experiences and develop campaigns through materials across multiple platforms (web, print, mobile, and social media).

35: Dr. Barbara Walton

Dr Barbara Walton

Dr. Barbara Walton is a highly experienced and successful Master Certified Coach. She is known internationally for her passion, energy, wisdom, and insightful ability to support her clients in business, leadership, and relationships. Barbara is passionate about inspiring others to see the world with a more profound sense of awareness, compassion, and love.

36: Nita J.

nita j

Nita J. is a lifestyle entrepreneur, marketing & brand consultant, social media & sales strategist, self-care advocate, and success coach. Her no-nonsense approach will push you to excel in ways that you didn’t think were possible. She has been able to create multiple thriving businesses from the ground up, and now her sole mission is to help others grow and succeed on their self-created path.

37: The LUHV Collective

the luhv collective

If you want to a one-way ticket to victory, the LUHV Collective is here for you! In their 3-step program, they will help you discover what has been holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself and creating your best life. They will help you take back control of your life, heal from past traumas, set goals, and provide you with a roadmap on how to reach them and SUCCEED!

38: Katya McEwen

katya mcewen

Are you ready to learn how to use your mind as a tool to attract your soul clients and increase sales? Katya McEwen (a loving mother and wife, entrepreneur, mentor, and coach) is ready to help you discover the vision that will guide you to jump out of bed each morning! With her, you will build a pipeline of paying clients you want to work with, a long-term vision for your business, a steady income, and your best year yet!

39: Life Coach Energy Healer

life coach energy healer

After many pieces of training and certifications as a life coach, hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner, Reiki Master, Quantum-Touch practitioner, the Life Coach Energy Healer helps mature women who have anxiety, fears, or lack of self-confidence to regain calm and resources so they can achieve their life goals. With this guidance, they are able to create a new life. She uses hypnotherapy and EFT for five to twelve sessions to help change harmful habits.

40: Le Tasha Howe

le tasha howe

An engineer turned holistic transformation coach, Le Tasha Howe will train you on how to transform your mind, body, heart, and soul into the best version of you! As a coach, she will help you identify, manage, and solve problems that prevent you from achieving your wellness and fitness goals. With her, you will be able to engineer your life to freedom and balance.

41: Hazel Inc.

hazel inc

Do you ever feel like you just don’t know where to start? Have you hesitated to take action due to fear or other unknowns? Hazel Mynes, founder of Hazel Inc. has, but she learned how to overcome her fears and struggles and open her own online business that aligns with her God-given calling. She believes you can focus on God first, family & friends, and business, in this divine order to create peace and the joyful freedom to be who you were created to be. Contact her for a FREE Dream Discovery Call to see if you could benefit from mentorship and see if you’re a good fit for Hazel Inc.

42: Thryv Atlanta

Unleash your business’s full potential with Thryv Atlanta, and grow like you’ve always wanted to! The team at Thryv is with you every step of the way. Spend less time tracking money and more time making it!

Get to it!

Now that you’ve had a good look at what other businesses are doing, it’s your time to think about how that could be helpful to you. Maybe you found a branding consultant you think would really get your vision, or perhaps you spotted a speaker to speak at your next event! In this competitive world, it’s easy to stay in your own bubble and isolate yourself from what other people are doing. But that won’t always help you. Get out there! Collaborate!