How to Get More Traffic and Leads with Lindsey Anderson of One Click Lindsey

Hey everybody! I was recently featured on Biz Women Rock  with Katie Krimitsos and we had a blast! We talked about what I do over here at Traffic and Leads and at One-Click Lindsey. We discussed how I help entrepreneurs and business owners to gain a constant flow of traffic and to turn that into leads. Not only that, but Katie let me do a live website analysis of her website,! I didn’t hold anything back! I also shared with her how I chose the name, One-Click Lindsey for our site.

Tune in to hear about:

  • My suggestions for Katie’s website that you can use for your site too!
  • What 90 percent of my clients’ websites are missing
  • Why pop-ups are so important
  • What should be included in a pop-up
  • Details about opt-ins and where to put them
  • What a content upgrade is
  • Which social media accounts you should include on your page
  • How to follow up with an opt-in
  • Why I like Katie’s logo and feel of her website
  • The value of having a video on a website
  • Steps on how to build traffic to a website
  • How to turn traffic into leads
  • Why links are good and why Google likes them
  • How to turn leads into paying clients and customers
  • How to utilize Facebook ads to your advantage
  • Why you need to get clients email addresses
  • The importance of consistency with email

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How to Get More Traffic and Leads with Lindsay Anderson of One Click Lindsey Money-Moxie-Katie