Julie Cabezas: Importance of Copywriting And Brand Positioning for Coaching Business Growth


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In today’s episode, I chat with Julie Cabezas, a renowned copywriter and brand positioning expert specializing in copywriting and brand positioning for coaches. We delve into the significant roles of copywriting and brand positioning in attracting high-quality leads and boosting revenue.

Guest Introduction:
  • Julie Cabezas is an accomplished copywriter and brand positioning expert, making significant strides in the online business world.
  • She owns Copy Crimes, a boutique agency that assists business owners, particularly coaches, in articulating their unique selling propositions and mastering their brand positioning for optimal results.
  • Julie brings experience from co-founding a high-end Instagram marketing agency, giving her a comprehensive understanding of social media marketing and algorithms.
Copywriting for Coaches and the Importance of Brand Positioning
Key Takeaways:
  • Copywriting for coaches is a powerful form of selling through compelling language that persuades audiences to take action.
  • Strong brand positioning for coaches is a catalyst for revenue acceleration and aids coaches in standing out in their niche.
  • Good brand positioning is synonymous with easy referrals – when people can quickly identify themselves as someone who could benefit from your coaching services, your brand positioning is spot on.
  • The three pillars of brand positioning for coaches are understanding who you serve, what you offer as a coach, and why people should choose you over other coaches in the market.
  • It’s essential to be selective when sharing client success stories to attract the type of clients coaches love working with.

Key Quotes:
  • “Brand positioning for coaches is the who, the what, and the why of you as a coach. These three elements shape your brand positioning.”
  • “The whole purpose [of brand positioning for coaches] is to help you as a coach stand out… if you tell someone else about your coaching business, and they can immediately think of a referral for you, you have excellent branding as a coach.”
  • “Are you going to Longhorn for a steak, or are you going to Morton’s? You’re getting a steak at both places, but the experience is different. That’s brand positioning for coaches.”
Resources Mentioned:

In Conclusion:
  • The importance of solid brand positioning and expert copywriting is paramount, especially for coaches. As Julie Cabezas highlights, copywriting and brand positioning for coaches play a pivotal role in attracting and retaining the right clients.
  • Brand positioning for coaches isn’t just about being different – it’s about being memorable, easily referable, and captivating to your target audience of potential clients.

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