How Business Has Changed with Judy Hoberman

Indeed, how business has changed today. I don’t know if it’s any easier or difficult but it is different. I think it is much easier to create business today. Through online marketing, you can reach out to people all across the world. When I started my company over 12 years ago, in a way, we were just stuck to those around a 50-mile radius. The technology was present but still, people were kind of close-minded. But now people’s minds are open. The cool thing about online marketing today is that with less effort you can see results.

Why Traffic and Leads So Important to Your Business?

Why are traffic and leads so important to your business? It seems to me that most of my clients are on a roller coaster; they don’t have any leads and they don’t have any new clients. So they have a big marketing push and get a lot of people and they forget about it. Soon, they service all those clients, and now their hands are empty again. However, with online marketing, this can be solved using the right systems. There will always be marketing happening in the background. This includes creating consistent content and email lists. It doesn’t even take a couple of hours to make it happen.

You utilize online marketing to create an interest in what you’re selling then afterward you need to create a relationship through a meeting or snail mail.

We created the CLICK technique. This is a foundation for online marketing that enables you to do greater things. You have to create consistent content. You should also create irresistible offers to people who visit your website in order for them to opt in. You also need to cultivate them through emails on a regular basis. To listen in to more of this podcast click here. You can also find more information on the CLICK Technique.

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How Business Has Changed with Judy Hoberman


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