Four Marketing Tricks to Generate Traffic and Leads

Although Andy Paul, the host of the Accelerate! Podcast botched my name in the first sentence, and I (teasingly of course!) had to correct him, I forgave him and had a delightful conversation regarding the topic I know and love, generating traffic and leads!

All jokes and teasing set aside, he was genuinely interested in how I earned the moniker.

One-Click Lindsey, and I went into the story about how one of my clients gave me that name after I was able to get some leads finally to his business. When he called me “One-Click Lindsey,” I kept it because I thought it was cute! Oh, and I’ve even got a few nicknames from that moniker as well!

Little do people know, I started Web Impact and with that company, I would have a few clients that wanted to drive traffic to their site. They’d ask for SEO campaigns or Pay-Per-Click campaigns, but in truth, all anyone truly wanted was traffic and leads. So, Traffic and Leads was born!

Andy brings up a terrific point that many small businesses think they what they should be doing to get the kind of exposure and leads they want, but they fall short of their goals. I also share what I believe are the two most common (and detrimental) mistakes these smaller businesses make when they try to market themselves online and produce sales.

We also chat about how entrepreneurs should choose which marketing tricks and plans will be most beneficial for their business and what makes for a great website that will bring the desired traffic and sales. Near the end of the conversation, I go into why Facebook Marketing tricks (which is a paid campaign) is a fantastic way to gain leads to a very specified audience.

If you are interested in catching the full interview, I highly recommend checking out Andy Paul’s podcast.

Andy Paul