Google Autofill: How Google Autofill Can Help You Target Your Content

How Google autofill can help you target your content? Anyone who runs a consistent blog knows that it can be tough to come up with topics regularly. Sure, you can go into your Webmaster Tools and check out the top queries as a source of inspiration, but those keywords aren’t long tail and tend to be generally more often than not. That saddles you with the task of turning that general topic into a niche one, which can be just another source of frustration for some.

But good news—all hope is not lost. There’s a free and easy solution to help you generate topics or focus the ideas that you already have: Google autofill.

The Power of Google Autofill

If you spend a lot of time online like me, especially when working in SEO, you know that when you type something into Google’s search bar, Google will automatically populate the most popular searches that other people are typing in. Usually this results in something that will make you giggle, but for us content creators, Google autofill is an invaluable tool.

Let’s start with an example: pretend you’re in the real estate investment business, and the only keywords your Webmaster Tools is giving you are super basic like “real estate investors” or “how to be a real estate investor”. Not only would it be difficult to write a blog post on that topic as it is, it’s extremely general. Others have written about it hundreds of thousands of times before; it’ll be nearly impossible for your blog post to rank well in comparison.

Google autofill can help. Take your basic keyword, plug it in, and see what comes up.

The Power of Google Autofill

Lots of stuff pops up, but nothing that really strikes me as a great topic for a blog article. Let’s try our other keyword.

The Power of Google Autofill: How It works

There we go. Now we’re getting somewhere. “How To Become a Real Estate Investor With No Money or Credit” sounds like a pretty darn good title for a blog post, doesn’t it? And all it took was a couple of keywords pulled from Webmaster Tools and a couple of Google searches.

But Wait—There’s More!

What if both of our keywords had yielded no results? There is an absolutely way to go deeper and get the most you can possibly get from Google autofill. All you’ve got to do is cycle through the alphabet after your keyword to see what else you can get to pop up. Taking our “real estate investor” keyword as an example, all I’d do is type “real estate investor a” into Google and let Google autofill do the rest.

More about Google Autofil

After going through the first few letters of the alphabet, I’ve come upon an interesting keyword: “real estate investor elevator pitch”. Still not sure how to turn that into a topic, however, but it interests me. There is still a way for us to chase this topic, and it’s extremely simple: search it. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Google results, and you’ll find even more options under related searches.

Some of you reading this might be thinking, “Well, Lindsey, that’s obvious! I do this already!” And if you do this, great! I am really happy to hear that. It’s good to know that people are already taking advantage of this awesome little trick. However, I know there are a lot more people who have not even considered this as an option when it comes to developing content for their sites. This isn’t the kind of idea that just jumps out at a person.

Great content is a huge part of having a successful online presence these days and understandably has been the subject of our conversation over the last several weeks. The goal is to make it much easier for you to develop this content and eventually drive more traffic and leads to your site.