Facebook Ads Tricks

In this show, I was interviewed by Lorraine. It was fun knowing her since we run almost the same agency. We met on a comment that I made on her website, and a conversation got initiated. That’s how we got to be friends. A major highlight of this show is Facebook Ads tricks.

Facebook Ads Tricks and Tips:

Facebook ads are really a great way to drive traffic. A few years ago, Facebook ads were an easy and convenient way to drive traffic. However, it has become oversaturated. As an advertiser or Facebook ads professional, you have to get creative in what you are doing. My favorite thing is to reach out to other Facebook ad professionals and see what they are doing. It is better if we put our heads together to make some successes for our clients.

If you have some likes on your Facebook page and you received them legitimately, there is nothing wrong with boosting your post to your likes. It is not true that using the boost post button is unprofessional. One of the strategies we use here is the carpet bombing technique. A marketer named Tim created this strategy.

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Facebook Ads Problems:

One of the problems that you can run into when running Facebook ads is building an audience that will convert. It is not that expensive. Carpet bombing is typically creating a video full of information. It has to be flashy and cool. It is more of an info video, and we upload it to Facebook. The fact that we upload it means that it is inexpensive. We then set an age parameter and a radius within an office. We then run the ad on Facebook for maybe $15 to $100. By the time you are done, you would probably have about 200 to 300 people who would have watched the video 95% of the way through. We then tell Facebook to show an ad to the 95% to 100% of people who watched the video since the message has resonated with them, and they have shown interest.

To learn more about Facebook ads tricks for marketing, listen to the show here.

Facebook Ads Tricks and Tips