The Rebirth of a Salesman

Poor Willy Loman, if he had known about inbound marketing, I think his story would have been a much happier one! Outbound marketing is a tough life. Going door-to-door, cold-calling (my least favorite), direct mail, trade-shows, advertisements on radio, television and newspapers; all of these can be enough to drive any salesman a little crazy. What is the difference between inbound and outbound marketing? Find out in today’s #WhatIsWednesday. difference-between-outbound-and-inbound-marketing

The difference between inbound and outbound marketing is all right there in the name. Coined by Hubspot, inbound marketing is promoting your company through really useful and engaging content in the form of blogs, podcasts, email marketing, search engine optimization and social media. When done correctly, inbound marketing has the ability to create a steady and dependable flow of leads into your business. The customers come to you, rather then you going out and trying to find them, and that makes your job as a salesman SO much easier! This content should also position yourself as an expert, making people to want to give you their business as before they’ve even talked to you. This has the added benefit of allowing you to charge more, because the customers are no longer comparing apples to apples when looking for your product or service. They are comparing the person who has proven their expertise to a person who is not as skilled (and therefore less-expensive).

So, basically, the difference between inbound and outbound marketing is who is doing the work to establish the relationship! Willy Loman shouldn’t have been so concerned about his canceled business trip, he should have just sat down and wrote a blog post instead.

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