Finding Your Brand Voice

A lot of the time, when we think about our brand voice, we put it last on our priority list, or we think, “Oh, it’ll just happen on its own.” But putting time into developing your brand voice is what can differentiate you from the competition.

People often shy away from this topic because when we think of “a voice,” it’s a very abstract concept. It’s unique for everyone, not always something easy to define, and kind of squishy.

So why do we have to spend our time on it? Having a distinct voice among the vast ocean of competition can make all the difference in your sales.

Ask yourself when you’re on the other end of the transaction, you’re the customer, don’t you usually gravitate towards companies and people who give you a good idea of who they are through their branding?

If your brand voice is registering as strong, exciting, and eye-catching, you will get more sales.

So how can you go about strengthening your brand voice without it being so…squishy?

I’ve been in the marketing game for a while, and I’ve created my own method that makes the process of building a great voice for your brand a little easier.

If you want more information, I have great news! I’m sharing my methods in my new Facebook group, Traffic and Leads University.

The only catch is that you do have to apply to get access to the group. The only people I’m accepting into the group are coaches, consultants, and individuals with a service-based business looking to build a personality brand.

So if that describes you, make sure you apply to Traffic and Leads University today! 


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