39 Best Twitter Marketing Tools to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

When it comes to social media marketing, we need to make sure that all of our bases are covered. Facebook and Instagram are two dominating forces in the social media sphere, but Twitter still remains supreme as the best way to share your message to millions of users. Not only that, but you can also keep tabs on your competition while finding even more content to share through the necessary channels. Since Twitter has such a powerful impact on what we do and what we say, having an arsenal of the best Twitter marketing tools is must-have in this age of digital marketing. Social media takes a lot of power and energy to run successfully, therefore having your own station set up and running at maximum efficiency is imperative in your long-term business success.

That’s where we come in. We’ve done the digging and hard work for you and filtered through various channels to bring you the best Twitter marketing tools for you to use! From social media management that brings your information into one easy-to-use interface to software and tools to improve the hashtags you use when tweeting, these Twitter marketing tools are surely some of the best to make your social media marketing top tier! Let’s get started!

1: Bit.ly


When it comes to the best Twitter marketing tools, Bit.ly is a must-have. Tweets only allow you to share a certain amount of characters, and when you have a lot to say, long links can get in the way of your important message. That’s where Bit.ly comes in! Bit.ly is an amazing online tool that shortens URLs for you, making them easier to share and easier to read. Simply copy and paste a URL into their address bar, and they’ll generate a shorter, easier version of the same link!

2: Audiense


Described as the #1 Twitter marketing platform, Audiense gives you the best insights regarding what your audience wants to see from you, as well as what they’re talking about the most to each other. Audiense gives you a variety of options to expand your Twitter marketing—from creating chatbots that can send direct messages to using Audiense’s tracking insights to build a community of like-minded peers who share the same interests and want to hear what you have to say, it’s easy to see why Audiense is one of the best Twitter marketing tools you should be using.

3: Twilert


Twilert is one of the best Twitter marketing tools for people who want their Twitter feed to be concise and easy to read. Through its many functions, Twilert allows you to condense your search results to things you just want to see instead of including outliers and things that are irrelevant. Additionally, Twilert can automate the tweets you want to see directly to your email as they come or in one easy-to-read collection, giving you a chance to stay on top of every breaking news story that pertains to your field of work! Twilert also remembers the tweets you like and visit the most, giving you easy access to them through a comprehensive search history.

4: Buffer


When you’re in the world of social media marketing, having a social media management tool to help you organize your accounts and channels into one place is essential, and Buffer is among the best when it comes to Twitter marketing tools. By combining your social media accounts into one place, you can cross-post and save content to share on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Additionally, you can shorten the content for certain platforms—like Twitter, which has a character count—and use different hashtags to reach out to a wider audience with each post you make!  

5: AgoraPulse


Another amazing social media management tool that lets you take control of your Twitter account is AgoraPulse. By making social media management easy and simple to do, AgoraPulse allows you to post across all social media platforms at once, Twitter included. You can schedule content as well, letting them post at certain times in order to spread your message over a longer period of time. Additionally, AgoraPulse allows you to revive evergreen content, letting you recycle content with important messages and traffic generating information, making it a must-have among Twitter marketing tools.

6: Crowdfire


Among the best Twitter marketing tools is definitely Crowdfire. While Crowdfire also offers a variety of social media management options, it also pays special attention to Twitter, giving you the best insights on how to run your account. Crowdfire will keep track of the accounts you follow, unfollowing inactive accounts overtime to keep your Twitter feed active and updated. Additionally, Crowdfire allows you to check the followers of your competition to keep the upper hand, allowing you to monitor what they’re discussing!

7: Paper.li

Social media marketing is about connecting with your audience through the curation of content that’s not only relevant to their interests but provides information they can use in their everyday lives. That’s where Paper.li comes in. When using Paper.li, you can browse through a wide selection of content to find the perfect thing to share! With things that are catered to every source of social media, you can find content that makes your Twitter audience more attentive and builds a stronger web presence, making it one of the best Twitter marketing tools you should be using.

8: SocialOomph


SocialOomph is one of the best Twitter marketing tools for making your presence on social media stronger, consistent, and powerful! SocialOomph takes control of running the accounts with scheduled content and tracking of the most talked about topics, letting you search through the best of the best and sharing it based on how well it fits the relevance of your business! With options like saving and reusing drafts, being able to create and host up to 5 Twitter accounts, and viewing all your mentions and retweets together, SocialOomph is a must have.

9: Tweriod


Part of social media is knowing when the people who follow what you post are the most active, and that’s why Tweriod is one of the most essential Twitter marketing tools! Tweriod analyzes your account and your followers to find the times when they’re the most active and involved with what you’re posting. On a day to day basis, you can cater your scheduled content to the hours when you know your audience will be attentively listening, ensuring that what you’re sharing is going to the exact people who need it!

10: TweetChat


Like the event it’s named after, TweetChat makes the process of partaking in a “tweet chat” easier than ever! First and foremost, a “tweet chat” is a hosted event where people can carry out a discussion over Twitter about a specific topic. The way this conversation is followed is through the use of specific hashtags, and TweetChat allows you to follow those hashtags with ease! When you search for the hashtag being used, TweetChat connects you to every tweet made with that hashtag, giving you a chance to really dig into the conversation and be apart of what’s happening!

11: Triberr


Business owners and entrepreneurs use social media to increase their reach and build a community of people who relate and connection on the same level about the same things. Triberr was made for that exact same reason and is one of the best Twitter marketing tools you should be using! Triberr allows you to connect with a “tribe,” and within that tribe, you can identify top influencers in your field as well as find the best content shared through bloggers and other sources. Finding this content and these people make your Twitter page a gold mine of amazing information, and educated individuals!

12: TweetDeck


When it comes to managing the way we view our Twitter, TweetDeck is a must-have among Twitter marketing tools. All you need to do is log into your account and open TweetDeck in a different tab. On its own, TweetDeck separates your feed into easy to read slices! With notifications set to their own column for easy viewing and messages right next to them, you can view your account in a way that gives you complete access to everything that Twitter has to offer! Additionally, you can track messages and hashtags, lock in potential clients with tabs to track trending hashtags, and connecting more than one Twitter account!

13: Trends24


One of the best ways to keep tabs on what the Twitter-sphere is talking about is by keeping an eye on trending hashtags and topics. Trends24 does that hard work for you, making it essential in your arsenal of Twitter marketing tools. By collecting the best of the best on Twitter’s trending list on a worldwide scale, Trends24 lets you connect with that people are talking about the most. From there, you can put your name in the ring and connect with people who might not have known where to find you otherwise through the use of popular media and information that both brings people in and relates to your field of business.

14: Keyhole


Keyhole is more than just an all in one social media management tool. By allowing you to track how many people are engaging with your content, what content they’re engaging in, and seeing the hashtags and keywords that brought them there, Keyhole is essential in your Twitter marketing tools. Additionally, you can track your competitor’s activity to give yourself a chance to stay on top of the best trends and adjust your own social media marketing strategy as topics evolve.

15: HootSuite


Among the best social media management tools is HootSuite, a place where all of your social media accounts and activity can coexist in one easy-to-use interface. HootSuite comes with a variety of extensions as well, giving you an upper hand with things like Facebook ads, Twitter analytics, and so much more. With HootSuite, you can track the trending topics that apply to your business the most, as well as keep track of your followers and the content that interests them. It’s a must for Twitter marketing tools.

16: Commun.it


Made for the sole purpose of giving your Twitter account a hub all its own, Commun.it is easily one of the best Twitter marketing tools you should be using! Commun.it allows you to build a real connection with your followers and lets you engage in leads on a more personal level. For Twitter-related purposes, Commun.it compiles your Twitter mentions in one place and provides you with downloadable analytics reports to give you the best possible time frame for posting the content your audience wants to see.

17: Bluenod


Bluenod takes your Twitter account and makes it into a visual dream, showing your community in real time, as well as trending topics and interactions between the content you share and the people that follow you. Bluenod aims to connect Twitter users with the top influencers in their field, and by connecting with them and the networks they’ve created, you can share content that’s more on the nose to what people want to read about. Overall, Bluenod is easily among the best Twitter marketing tools you need to be using.

18: GroupTweet


When you’re a business owner, you need a strong team behind you to effectively help you run and manage your social media accounts. That’s where things like GroupTweet come in handy! As one of the best Twitter marketing tools, GroupTweet allows multiple people to contribute to the same Twitter account in real time. From tweet chats to content curation, to answering private messages from influencers and audience members, GroupTweet makes collaboration easier than ever.

19: Dlvr.it


Another amazing social media management tool, Dlvr.it aims to take over the smaller, everyday tasks in order to let you run your business in the most effective way. By automating posts to your social media accounts and RSS feed, Dlvr.it handles the consistency while you focus on the value of the content you’re trying to create and share with the people who want it the most. Share across all platforms at once, tailor your content by the social media account you want, and let Dlvr.it takes care of recycling old content automatically! Overall, it’s easy to see why Dlvr.it is one of the best Twitter marketing tools.

20: DoesFollow

One of the best Twitter marketing tools is DoesFollow, a tool that allows you to track who is following who! When you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur, your follow list can stack up quickly, which makes finding certain people among your list hard with a plain search feature. With DoesFollow, all you have to do is type in the handles of two accounts to see if they’re following each other! From there, you can also follow those people or see what they have in common to connect them, giving you a safe way to keep an eye on your competition.

21: StatusBrew


Like other social media management tools, StatusBrew gives you the amazing chance to combine your various social media platforms into one easy to use interface. However, in addition to the simplicity of multi-managing, you can use StatusBrew with other management tools! StatusBrew complies your mentions into one area, giving you a chance to mass answer them as you please as well as offers listening insights, so you’re the first to know what your audience is talking about to each other, making it a must-have among Twitter marketing tools.

22: Tweepi


When you’re a business owner, controlling your own social media accounts every single day is a daunting task. However, you need to have consistency in your schedule and the content you’re pumping out. That’s where Tweepi comes in. As one of the best Twitter marketing tools, Tweepi brings in the growing power of artificial intelligence to interact, engage, and save the best content and the best users that match the hashtags you ask it to track. With Tweepi, you can increase your follower count in just a couple of days, and generate quality leads while doing so.

23: Hashtagify


One of the most important aspects of using Twitter is hashtags, as that’s how you catch the attention of the masses. So, making sure you’re using one of the best Twitter marketing tools to keep track of the most successful and productive hashtags in your specialty is important! Hashtagify allows you to research the best hashtags, what people are using the most, and how to effectively turn those hashtags into successful leads and interactive relationships with possible clients and audience members!

24: iTrended


When something is “trending” on Twitter, it means that the topic and the hashtag being used are receiving a lot of attention and conversation. In most cases, being involved with the discussion and analyzation of a trending topic is important to us entrepreneurs, and iTrended is easily among the best Twitter marketing tools to keep your trending topics aligned! Search for what’s trending now, where the trend started, and how you can effectively use the trend to your advantage in terms of outreach and relevant content.

25: RiteTag


The use of photos as a way to bring attention to the content we’ve created is common practice among business owners. However, with things like Twitter and Instagram relying on hashtags for that photo to be noticed, you need to make sure that you’re using the best hashtags to get the attention you need. RiteTag is one of the best Twitter marketing tools for hashtag suggestion—simply upload the photo to Twitter, right click, and let RiteTag give you a list of hashtags to choose from that not only directly relate to the picture, but could be considered trending topics, and high activity hashtags!

26: SocialRank


The most important part of social media relies entirely on the people that follow your account, and generate the audience that you’re aiming to collect. In order to effectively analyze the people who show an interest in what you’ve got to say, you need one of the best Twitter marketing tools to keep your metaphorical ducks in a row. That’s where SocialRank comes in. As a social media management tool, SocialRank analyzes the followers you generate, giving you insights on who the most active ones are, and how you can get better interactions between them. Additionally, SocialRank gives you your most important followers at the top of the list, showing the credibility you’ve cultivated with your content strategy.

27: Followerwonk


Followerwonk is one of the Twitter marketing tools that help you expand your social reach and improve your relationship to your content and your followers. Through deep analytics and insights, Followerwonk gives you information on who your followers are—where they’re located, when they post, and how to engage with them on higher levels. Additionally, Followerwonk allows you to find more influencers in your niche field, expanding your networks and giving you more chances to build strong foundations of relationships.

28: Tagboard


Being part of the business community gives you a large chance to expand what you’re looking for in terms of content shared, curated, and created. Tagboard is one of the best Twitter marketing tools you can use to find some of the best content in your sphere of specialty. With options to search for content that’s not only user-generated but generated by people who regularly engage with what you have to say and what you do, Tagboard is one of the best options when you’re looking for new content to share that comes from the people who matter most.

29: Trendsmap


When it comes to Twitter, knowing what’s trending and what’s not is a necessity to your success and what you post. Trendsmap lays it out very easily, creating a large and interactive graphic that shows you the highest trending topics and the lowest. The larger a word is on the map, the more it’s being talked about, and using this as one of the best Twitter marketing tools to stay keyed into important and imperative conversations is must when it comes to growth and audience interaction.

30: Mentionmapp


Mentionmapp is a goldmine among Twitter marketing tools. By bringing engagement to the forefront, Mentionmapp allows you to see the content that’s getting the most interaction with your audience! From there, you can duplicate that kind of content for similar results, which spreads into a more effective workflow overall. Additionally, Mentionmapp can search through the engagements you’re receiving to see how many of them are real accounts and which are bots, thus cleaning out your mentions of things that won’t help further down the line.

31: ManageFlitter


A social media management tool made just for Twitter, ManageFlitter gives you a chance to take control of your Twitter account in every aspect you can think of. From scheduling tweets to seeing who’s following you and unfollowing accounts that are both inactive and fake, ManageFlitter has easily become one of the best Twitter marketing tools you should have in your social media marketing arsenal. With the option to also manage more than one account from the same dashboard, you can rest assured knowing that your Twitter is flourishing in the hands of ManageFlitter.

32: Twibble


Automating your social media accounts is smart in a day and age where people expect instant gratification when they log onto the internet. Providing people with quick and easy responses without having to actually be there to partake in the conversation is vital to success, and Twibble makes that job easier than ever. As one of the best Twitter marketing tools, Twibble allows you to connect your RSS feed to your Twitter account, rolling out constant content that’s valuable and applicable to the people who need it most—your followers!

33: Twitonomy


Get ahold of your Twitter account completely with Twitonomy. As one of the best Twitter marketing tools, Twitonomy gives you well-rounded management for your Twitter account, including exclusive analytics as to how your posts are doing, and the content that’s working the best for you and your audience. On top of that, Twitonomy allows you to back up and export your entire tweet collection, storing it for safekeeping and for future reference in evergreen content!

34: Brandwatch

Brandwatch does exactly what you think—by keeping tabs on the people who follow your account, and interact with you the most, Brandwatch gives you top tier insights on what you can be doing to expand and grow your brand’s reach, and presence, on Twitter. By giving you a collective chart of tags and trending topics that relate to your niche field, Brandwatch connects you to people who’re talking about what you’re doing in real time, making it one of the best Twitter marketing tools you could and should be using.

35: LeadSift

When it comes to marketing, we spend a lot of time focused on generating leads and bringing people towards our brand with ads that are informational, and enticing. When it comes to social media, those efforts are double, and LeadSift exists to make that journey easier for business owners. By putting their focus on cultivating top quality leads for your brand, you can focus on outbound marketing, and keeping those leads interested in your services. Through the use of social media and web mining, LeadSift is easily among the best Twitter marketing tools.

36: Mention.net


Mention.net aims to give you real-time results for monitoring your social media accounts, as well as the accounts of your competition. By keeping close insights on the things you post, Menion.net works in real time to give you updated results on how your posts are doing, and how posts of a similar nature are doing when posted by your competition. Additionally, Mention.net gives you custom insights based on your specific field and brand, as well as tracking down top influencers you can collaborate with, making it a must-have among Twitter marketing tools.

37: Foller.me


Created as a way for Twitter users to get amazing analytics for their account, Foller.me is specific to what you do in the Twitter-sphere. By giving you rich insights on any public Twitter account, Foller.me allows you to see how well you’re doing, as well as how your competition is doing with the content they’re producing. Since this information is readily available for any account that’s public, it’s easy to see why it’s a must-have among Twitter marketing tools.

38: TwitShot


An extension created for Google Chrome is TwitShot, an easy way to collect and save images for future Twitter use. With the click of a button, you can save any image you find on the web directly to your Twitter account, allowing the extension to make it Twitter-friendly and ready to go all at once! TwitShot also allows you to save any tab or take and save a screenshot of anything you might need to give your tweet an extra “oomph,” making it one of the best and easiest Twitter marketing tools to have.

39: PicMonkey


Sometimes, the content we have needs to look a little more exciting to draw people in, and free websites that allow us to give our images a photoshop-like makeover are a must-have among Twitter marketing tools! PicMonkey does exactly that—by offering a variety of filters, colorations, graphics, and text options, PicMonkey can take any image you have and turn it into an infographic, an eye-catching poster, or an image of inspiration and determination.

Twitter Marketing Tools: Grow And Expand Your Brand With The Best

And… that’s all she wrote! It’s a lot to take in at once, but Twitter is still a vital part of your social media marketing strategy. With how quick the connection is between follower and business owner, making sure that you’re using the best Twitter marketing tools to expand your reach, grow your business, and produce the best possible content out there is important. These tools help lead the way to a successful social media account, and by providing you with organizational means, automation, consistency, and connection with real people, you can rest assured that your Twitter account is going in a successful direction.