Basic Website Ingredients

Today’s #whatiswednesday covers two important website acronyms, CSS and HTML. Now, before your eyes glaze over, stick with me! Read on so that the next time you are talking to your web developer, you can be a bit more knowledgeable about website fundamentals.

CSS and HTML make up the body of your website. If you have ever watched the Food Network’s show “Chopped”, you will know the chefs make some delicious meals. The food they create is like the HTML on your website, which is content, links and components that comprise your website. Now, if the chefs on Chopped were to just scoop that food onto a big plate, they wouldn’t win because it wouldn’t be a very appetizing presentation.

That’s where CSS comes in, it’s taking all of your delicious content and arranging it beautifully for your audience. It tells the web browser where to put all of the elements, and what colors and fonts they should be presented in. If done correctly, your website visitor’s mouth will be watering in anticipation to gobble up your carefully crafted content!