3 WordPress Plugins for More Traffic & Leads

Is your WordPress site optimized for traffic and lead generation? These 3 FREE, including my favorite WordPress traffic plugin, will make sure that it is!

Hey it’s One-Click Lindsey for TrafficandLeads.com. Today I’m going to talk about the three plugins that I install on every single one of my client’s WordPress sites. So take a note, these are all free and I recommend that you install them on your WordPress site.  If you’re looking for the best WordPress traffic plugin, stay tuned.

The first one is a little plugin called Jetpack. The main thing I use that for is a quick way to see your analytics. How much traffic you have for the day, what pages they visited and how they got there.  If you’re looking for a WordPress traffic plugin, this is a MUST because it will show you how much traffic you are getting at a glance.

Yes, you need Google Analytics installed, but this is just a quick way when you go in and post blogs, to go and see how many people are coming to your site. Most of my clients get really overwhelmed when they look at Google Analytics, and this is a good way of showing them how awesome we are for increasing their traffic on a week by week basis.

The second one is SumoMe. You will find a cool little blog post that I wrote about SumoMe here. Essentially, this plugin is used to capture emails, and it allows you to pull in pop-ups from the side, or take over people’s pages, or come down from the top. There’s a hundred different ways to capture that email address.  SumoMe’s free version will allow you to test all those different ways to see which one your audience responds to the very best.

And last but certainly not least, the plugin I always install is called Yoast SEO. Essentially, it is a plugin that will allow you to put in a keyword and then it will give you a red, yellow or green score based on your content. So, of course we want all greens on that, but Yoast SEO helps make it really, really easy to make an SEO friendly article, which is really important. You need to let Google know what your blogging about.

So, get those three free WordPress plugins installed on your site today, and let me know if you have any questions. This is One-Click Lindsey with TrafficandLeads.com, where the solution to your slow growth is just one click away.