What Works For Email Opt-Ins Today?

Is your business losing momentum? Has growth come to a grinding halt? Are you ready to get your business back on track? Are you stuck in a dead-end job? Then you’re in the right place. Get the resources, the strategies and directions to accelerate your business growth, income and success, here in this episode of Boss Academy Radio.

In this show, I shared with Paul Kirch, on what works for email opt-ins today. Arguably, video email opt-ins were the best thing that was giving businesses positive results in marketing. This was true, especially on Facebook. But now, they’re not working so much.

The thing that’s really hot right now is the good old free pdf downloads which are providing one of the best cost conversion rates. One of the best ways to get leads for your business is to go to Facebook, create an ad for a free email opt-in, run that ad to a very targeted audience, get people to go a landing page, then have them to email opt-in for your free offer. You then send them an email sequence of about 10-12 emails basically getting to know you and also selling your services. Give them a lot of information and don’t just sell stuff. Eventually, they will become your clients.

Besides Facebook, LinkedIn can also provide a lot of luck utilizing LinkedIn groups. LinkedIn posts have a very strong presence on search engines.

Regardless of the cost of the product that you’re selling, it’s advised that you give some sort of free email opt-in to catch the traffic that’s not going to call you; which is the vast majority.

Instead of spending a lot on getting likes on your Facebook page, focus on feeding them with a lot of amazing content. Eventually, create an ad for an email opt-in offer for everybody that has interacted with your Facebook page for a specified number of days.

Make sure that you utilize Facebook Live, people actually like them. Go live and be prepared with some nice content.

Consistency is key in everything you do especially in the online marketing sphere. It’s what builds your credibility online.

To get more insight on what works for email opt-ins today listen in to my interview with Paul Kirch of Boss Academy Radio.

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