What Is Bounce Rate?

If you’ve taken the time to peak at your Google Analytics, I am sure you that you have seen the stat for “bounce rate.” What is bounce rate and what does it mean for your online marketing? Let’s find out in today’s “What is Wednesday.”

My kids would define bounce rate as how many times I can send them flying on the trampoline without having to take a rest (that bounce rate is typically quite low). Now view your website as that trampoline, how many people landed on your website, only to quickly take off? If 100 people visit your website and 70 of them leave without doing anything else, then your bounce rate is 70%.

What Is Bounce Rate?

Why should you care about your bounce rate? A high bounce rate could indicate that people are turned off by their first impressions of your website and left without seeing what it has to offer. If you’ve ever walked into a restaurant, saw dirty blinds and smelled stale curry in the air and quickly left, you know that feeling.

So, if you have a high bounce rate, take a look at your site with a critical eye. Now, before you panic, remember that a high bounce rate isn’t always a bad thing. If the purpose of your website is just to give out some information (such as a phone number or information about an upcoming event), then a high bounce rate is totally acceptable.

If your bounce rate is a little too high, here are a few things you can do:

1. Ensure that your site has clear navigation.
2. Triple check that your site is mobile friendly.
3. Make sure your website loads quickly.
4. Have a aesthetically pleasing website.

Google’s answer to the question:  “What Is Bounce Rate?” can be found here.