What Is A Webinar?

Yesterday, I was speaking with a friend of mine about the work I had on my plate this week. I mentioned that I was excited about a Facebook course I was conducting for around 50 real estate agents. She asked where I was going to do this, to which I replied, “nowhere!” How I can pull off this amazing feat, and how any business could benefit is the topic to day’s #whatiswendesday!

What is A Webinar?

It’s a seminar that takes place on the web (isn’t that cute?). Essentially, you get folks to sign up for a presentation that you are giving at a specific date and time, then you send them directions on how to meet you online. Typically, a webinar is educational and allows for webinar attendees to correspond with the webinar host. If the host was just communicating with the attendees and they had no way of talking back, it would be called a “webcast.”

Hosting a webinar is a very powerful online marketing tool. When I am looking for new clients, the first thing I do is plan a webinar around a specific topic. This doesn’t only work for me, an online marketing expert, it works for anyone in any profession! Doctors, lawyers, wedding planners, dog sitters… ANY SMALL BUSINESS CAN BENEFIT FROM HOSTING A WEBINAR! Webinars provide an amazing way for small businesses to grow their lists and acquire new clients. Webinars gather a large and geographically widespread group of people and allow the presenter to show off their knowledge and skills and position themselves as an expert. All without the cost of booking a conference room and catering lunch!

Let’s take a quick example, I had a chiropractor client that had a knack for What Is A Webinar? improving migraine headaches.  We set up a webinar for him called “Heal Your Headaches… Naturally”. We ran some Facebook advertising to get folks in his geographic area to sign up for this webinar. The day and time came and the Doc knocked it out of the park, giving some super valuable info on what people can do to heal their migraines without taking meds. Sprinkled in his presentation he mentioned that some chiropractic work could also help headache sufferers. At the end of the webinar, the doctor had folks signing up for an initial consultation. See the power? Good, go apply it to your small business! (For what it’s worth when I proposed this idea to him he also asked me “What Is A Webinar?”)

There are different software programs you can purchase to facilitate your webinars like GoToWebinar, Fuze and Join.me. These software programs will help you track and email your attendees so they can attend the webinar and ask questions without any technical headache.

So, instead of booking a conference room, getting lunch catered, putting on my heels, and fighting traffic, I’ll roll out of bed, get a cup of coffee, and have some extra time to make sure my message is honed to perfection.